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Motive Collective moves to Savannah

Rarely do you meet people who are so wildly passionate about what they do, that even when in their studio, the work seems secondary to their commitment to good design and ethical production standards. Motive Collective is that studio and Ryan and Annie Price are those passionate people. Let there be no mistake, the work is secondary to nothing and no one; however, the pair is so open about their process and commitment to only using the best textile and fair labor that it seems impossible not to mention it first.Motive Collective | Judge ReatltyMotive Collective | Judge Reatlty

Motive Collective started as a production studio, focusing mainly on connecting the dots between designers and consumers- that quickly changed. After seeing the artistic culture and collaborative force that is Savannah, the pair decided it was time to start designing for themselves. First, Ryan delved into design development. “We were about 89% design agency and the rest was just pet projects we did for fun. We worked with larger, national brands helping to develop and expand on their already existing products, but now we’re starting to focus on our own work,” he said. The pair have two new lines, Broke and Instinctive, both in the beginning stages and both using veg-tanned, eco-friendly leathers that they’re extremely excited about.Motive Collective | Judge ReatltyMotive Collective | Judge Reatlty

The husband and wife duo reached out to Casey Howard, Judge Commercial Vice President, to find a space for their studio. “We did our research, read the reviews, and no one had a better response than Judge Realty,” said Ryan. “We had literally just gotten to town and he wanted to put all of this stuff in our house,” laughed Annie. “We called Casey, met at the space, signed the lease, and started unpacking. None of it ever even made it home.”Motive Collective | Judge ReatltyMotive Collective | Judge ReatltyMotive Collective | Judge Reatlty

In the future, the two want to see Motive Collective grow into a large warehouse downtown with a storefront. “We’d love to be able to manufacture all of our own goods locally, ship everything from Savannah, and use local labor to kind of fill the gap between SCAD graduates and local job placement,” said Ryan. “Or anyone really, if you’re good with your hands and like making things then why couldn’t you come in and hand stitch a wallet or help cut patterns. There’s no reason we can’t have a mother of five who wants some quiet time sewing next to an art student who needs to make rent.”Motive Collective | Judge ReatltyMotive Collective | Judge ReatltyFor more information about Motive Collective and their work visit and to learn more about leasing a space in Savannah contact Casey Howard at Judge Commercial.

Photography: Jon Waits

Semi-attached Victorian located at 119 West Duffy Street in Savannah

119 West Duffy Street | Judge Realty 119 West Duffy Street | Judge Realty 119 West Duffy Street | Judge Realty 119 West Duffy Street | Judge Realty 119 West Duffy Street | Judge Realty 119 West Duffy Street | Judge Realty 119 West Duffy Street | Judge Realty 119 West Duffy Street | Judge Realty 119 West Duffy Street | Judge Realty 119 West Duffy Street | Judge Realty 119 West Duffy Street | Judge Realty 119 West Duffy Street | Judge Realty 119 West Duffy Street | Judge Realty Photography: Wayne Moore

119 West Duffy Street
3 bedrooms/ 2.5 baths/ 2,343 SF

Listing agents: Pam Peterson, sales associate and Lori Judge, Founder/ Broker-in-Charge

The appeal of this impressive, semi-attached Victorian built in 1900, doesn’t stop at the ivy covered steps or stunning double door entrance: once you step inside onto the original hardwood floors, which are immaculately well maintained throughout the home, you’ll see more original touches like four fireplaces, soaring ceilings, and gorgeous moldings. After walking through the charming open living room and dining room, you’ll come to a beautifully renovated kitchen with custom cabinets, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, and a gas range. Off the kitchen is an adorable patio and private courtyard, perfect for entertaining. The second floor is just as appealing as the first with a balcony off the master bedroom and recently updated baths.

This is an amazing home and should not be missed. Contact Pam Peterson today to schedule a viewing.

Find a Killer Commercial Real Estate Broker – And Don’t Even Think About Hiring Your Dad’s Cousin

Casey Howard | Judge Commercial

Written By: Casey Howard

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve seen a business owner spend months wasting time with a commercial real estate broker seeking a property to lease or buy and that broker either doesn’t know the market, doesn’t take the time to research comps, pricing, and traffic counts, or doesn’t understand how to effectively negotiate a strong deal for his Tenant. This ends in frustration for the Tenant over not finding a great location or, even worse, frustration over getting committed to a lease term that wasn’t ideal for the Tenant.  The funny part….7 out of 10 times, the Tenant chose to hire his Dad’s cousin (or take your pick of any other random family member or friend referred to them), who was licensed back in 1984, and is still “doing real estate” 10 hrs/week while he’s up in the mountains fishing the remaining 30 hrs/week.

First consider your needs. Carefully outline the locations, type of building and space that are most suitable, and the maximum rent you will consider. Do you need the space walk-in ready or would you consider an investment into the configuration?

Come prepared with a list of needs versus preferences, and then interview an experienced commercial real estate agent that can provide the support necessary during the entire process. Prospective tenants may be able to run a successful business but know little on how to negotiate the best terms themselves. Locate a reputable commercial real estate agent to avoid typical pitfalls and close the deal on the right property for you.

How Commercial Real Estate Agents Help

Commercial real estate agents are a better option than looking for properties to lease or buy without representation. Why? These agents can negotiate terms on your behalf and any necessary build-out provisions. With representation, investors and businesses can qualify for rebates for build-out costs, get reasonable repair terms and negotiate lease terms for renewal or items that must be updated prior to purchase.

According to an Inc. article, forgoing a commercial real estate agent placed individuals at a disadvantage with potential landlords. Such individuals were seen as easy targets for unscrupulous contracts, and were also not taken seriously as a company. Eventually, the biggest problem is that proposals were either ignored or individuals were given the run around. When time and effort is money, an agent helps companies meet their objectives faster and locks in better terms.

What to Look for in an Agent

Agents and the brokers they serve can be useful tools in finding the space you need at the right price and in a desirable location. At times when commercial real estate properties are few and the marketplace is competitive for the size and location preferred, a commercial real estate agent can help close those deals. A knowledgeable commercial real estate agent should have:

  • Experience in the area of commercial real estate. It may seem like a no-brainer, but it pays to ask. They should have a history of assisting tenants in finding office space and other commercial spaces.
  • Closed deals in your desired area(s). Ask if they have experience in commercial real estate within your preferred area and approximately how many properties they have closed on in that area. They will be aware of current practices and what is commonly available at your price point.
  • Experience representing tenants directly in commercial real estate transactions. Brokers and agents who work directly with tenants bring more focused attention to the process and are more likely to be located in larger communities. If this option is not available, look for those who work for both landlords and tenants.
  • Years working in an established business within your area. Knowledgeable agents can break down the process between landlords and brokers. Real estate agents who have a history of success and are part of a stable company can put the interests of clients first by not rushing negotiations and working toward the best outcome for their clients. Experienced agents have a network of parties that they can turn to for additional services or can share properties that have not yet come to market.

Companies that are considering a commercial real estate agent can first look to other commercial tenants. Word of mouth is a powerful referral system and most companies with a healthy business will be happy to discuss their experience as they also want to build a strong network with other business owners. They can tell you who they recommend, any issues they encountered and what they may have learned in hindsight. Make it easy for yourself by approaching tenants who are within the same industry or niche, so you can assume that their agent is familiar with the types of requests or conditions you may require from a property and landlord or owner.

After creating a short-list of agents, keep in mind any weak points of the agents or brokerage when conducting interviews. Remember, you want a commercial real estate agent who can put your needs and those of your business first during negotiations.

Meet Emily Kelley – VP Residential Property Management

Residential Property  Management Vice President, Emily Kelley | Judge Realty

Residential Property Management Vice President, Emily Kelley

Judge Realty is extremely proud of the property management division, managing well over 200 properties throughout Savannah and Pooler. Spearheaded by Residential Property Management Vice President, Emily Kelley, Judge hopes to grow its management footprint and scale of services significantly over the next few years. Kelley, a Charleston native, joined the team at Judge Realty in 2014 and has worked tirelessly to grow the number of properties managed by 38%. “Actual revenue collected has grown 73%. Business development is very important to me as well as communication with each of my individual clients.” said Kelley.

Kelley says she wanted to become a property manager from a young age, her cousin managed property and growing up she admired her for it. While she has grown the numbers at Judge, it hasn’t always been easy. “I went to do an inspection once and when I opened the front door, there was an inflatable kiddie pool in the center of the room with a live, 5 foot alligator in it… I shut the door, immediately locked it, and left. Needless to say the tenant got a notice to vacate shortly after,” said Kelley. “Another time, I was showing a property and while on the back patio, a dog from the second story balcony peed on me. There’s never a boring day, which is fun,” she laughed, “You can’t make this stuff up.”

Despite the crazy situations, Kelley still wouldn’t rather be doing anything else. She’s happy to call Judge home and happy to help her clients in any way she can. “It’s definitely a passion, it has to be, otherwise you wouldn’t do it; but it’s an awkward passion because not that many people want to do it. There’s a need for deciphering facts and wanting to help people with the details. I like helping people and solving the problems. I like coming up with creative ways to help both the owner and the tenant while keeping them both happy,” she said.

Residential Property  Management Vice President, Emily Kelley | Judge RealtyResidential Property  Management Vice President, Emily Kelley | Judge Realty Residential Property  Management Vice President, Emily Kelley | Judge Realty

Residential Property  Management Vice President, Emily Kelley | Judge Realty

Rental property, 205 East Charlton, contact Emily today to schedule a viewing.

Reach out to Emily to learn more about a listing or to rent your property with Judge Realty.

Emily Kelley

Enjoy the Best of South Harbor in This Custom Built Home

2 Bailey Reach | Judge Realty2 Bailey Reach | Judge Realty2 Bailey Reach | Judge Realty2 Bailey Reach | Judge Realty2 Bailey Reach | Judge Realty2 Bailey Reach | Judge Realty2 Bailey Reach | Judge Realty2 Bailey Reach | Judge Realty2 Bailey Reach | Judge Realty2 Bailey Reach | Judge Realty2 Bailey Reach | Judge Realty

This stunning custom built home is ideal for a large family, with four spacious bedrooms and four and one half bathrooms. This 4,473 square foot home comes with all of the amenities you could need, from the designer kitchen to the large, shady back yard, this property really has it all. Just one block from an intercoastal waterway, it also boasts a 30 foot boat slip with dry storage and the prestigious neighborhood, South Harbor, offers tennis courts and a neighborhood pool.

For more information contact Kim Iocovozzi today or visit him at Judge Realty at 347 Abercorn St. Savannah, GA.