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Judge Realty Client Feature | Casey AndersonJudge Realty Client Feature | Casey AndersonJudge Realty Client Feature | Casey Anderson Judge Realty Client Feature | Casey Anderson Judge Realty Client Feature | Casey AndersonJudge Realty Client Feature | Casey AndersonJudge Realty Client Feature | Casey AndersonPhotography by Carson Sanders

Purchasing your first home is incredibly exciting and often incredibly overwhelming. The Realtor you choose to lead you through the process should be understanding, patient and can become a close friend. In this week’s blog, we asked a recent home buyer, Laurie Garner, what her first home buying experience was like when working with her actual close friend, Judge Realty agent, Casey Anderson.

What made you choose Judge Realty?

LG: One of my dearest friends Casey Anderson recently started working for Judge Realty and she was so excited to start this new journey in her life and I was excited to set roots down and start a new journey myself. It only seemed appropriate for us to make moves together.

Three words to describe Casey Anderson as an agent…

LG: 1) passionate 2) driven 3) caring

How would you describe the process from contract to close, how did we do?

LG: The process from contract to close was an eye opener for me. I knew buying a house would be one of the most exciting/stressful things I would do in my life or at least in the 30 years I’ve been on this planet. Casey and I had been searching for a while and the day this home went on the market she grabbed me from work and said I had to see the house NOW! I trusted her and when we unlocked the door and I knew that I wanted this to be my home. We made an offer that evening and kept our fingers crossed. The seller contacted us less than 24 hours later and accepted. After that the ball was rolling. Casey made what should be one of the most stressful events in my life a lot easier. She went above and beyond and was on top of her game through the entire process. She kept my worries at ease when I felt flustered. The day I closed will be a memory I hold dear forever. There were moments of excitement and fear while signing papers, but when I looked up and saw Casey at the end of the table and saw how happy she was for this new chapter in my life, it made me so thankful that one of my best friends could be a part of this journey . She truly enjoys finding homes not houses for people. She will do whatever it takes to make her client happy.

Advice for others selling / buying properties?

LG: Patience. This normally does not happen over night. I looked at houses over the past few years and none of them worked out. Tears were shed over a couple because I thought I would not find another house that I loved as much. I didn’t want to settle and I thought those slipped through my fingers for whatever reason. You have to go into the home-buying process with patience because there are going to be houses that possibly slip through your fingers as well. You have to be ok with that because it was not meant to be. Once you realize that, more than likely the perfect HOME will pop up for you too!

P.S. Have your S*** together. Because once the loan process starts everybody and their brother will need your information.

What was your overall experience working with Judge Realty?

LG: Phenomenal! I hope everyone gets to experience what I did on July 1st, 2015. The few other people I know at Judge shared in my excitement for this new chapter and I wish only the best for Judge Realty. Thank you!

Judge Realty is Savannah’s only full service, locally owned and operated brokerage company. Celebrating 10 years in business, Judge Realty specializes in residential and commercial real estate, as well as in property management and rentals.

For more information about Casey Anderson contact Judge Realty at 912.236.1000.



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