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Through the Looking Glass – Artist Jimmy O’Neal

Through the Looking Glass - Artist Jimmy O''Neal | Judge RealtyThrough the Looking Glass - Artist Jimmy O''Neal | Judge Realty

This week we take another look into the Judge Realty Permanent Art Collection. Lamb Line and O Geronimo, no minor ego, are two pieces by the Atlanta­-born artist and SCAD alumni, Jimmy O’Neal.

O’Neal is well known for his fascination with the time ­space continuum that draws him to the far corners of both the arts and science. He received a scholarship to the Savannah College of Art and Design in 1985 and graduated with a degree in painting. During his time there, Jimmy combined his equal fascination with physics and biology into his art. Using reflective or mirrored paint (the artist invented) and plexiglass, O’Neal creates interactive pieces that encourage the viewer’s metaphysical response.

The two pieces Lamb Line and O Geronimo are executed with scientifically augmented materials such as colorless paint which brilliantly reflects light as a mirror when applied on sanded plexiglass. Each piece captures its surroundings in real time allowing it to constantly change and react with the viewer.

O’Neal has said about his work, “I wanted to create a mirrored, sculptured mural in an active environment where visitors become a part of the artwork through the reflection of their own images, the colors of the clothes they are wearing, their jewelry, and their random, unconscious movements.”

The Judge Realty Permanent Collection started in early 2014. Built to showcase a private collection that is open to the public, the pieces are on rotation for guests and passerbyers to enjoy at Judge Realty. Presently, with over 30 pieces in the collection, Judge Realty aims to support local and regional artists and help the creative community thrive.

Savannah’s Mossterpiece brought to you by Judge Realty and Art Rise Savannah

Judge Realty and Savannah's MossterpieceJudge Realty and Savannah's MossterpieceJudge Realty and Savannah's MossterpieceJudge Realty and Savannah's MossterpieceJudge Realty and Savannah's MossterpieceSavannah's MossterpiecePhotography: Dylan WilsonThis week we reach the halfway point for Savannah’s Mossterpiece Public Art Mural. These past few weeks of installation and growth have brought several members of the community together to help the process along. With days and nights of guerrilla gardening and learning how to work with Mother Nature, we have all come together and have a new found respect of working with live mediums.

We would like to send a huge thanks to Carlstedt’s Florist, Herb Creek Landscape Supply, Paul Miller Construction, Dylan Wilson Photography and volunteers from Art Rise Savannah for help bringing this garden to life. Most importantly we would like to thank the artist Jamie Bourgeois for committing her time and passion to this amazing large-scale project. This is no small undertaking and she has continued to work with all of the changing elements gracefully.

We invite everyone to come by and see the project evolve over the next two weeks. We have enjoyed watching Mother Nature’s performance over this first half and look forward to seeing what more she has in store!

Celebrating a Decade of Growth with Savannah’s Mossterpiece from Judge Realty on Vimeo.

Man-Made Swamp


Judge Realty continues to add to their Permanent Art Collection with the addition of Man-Made Swamp by Justin Ward. Purchased at SCAD’s Open Studios, the work caught the eye of lead broker and owner of Judge Realty, Lori Judge right away.

“It’s a photograph that can be easily mistaken for an abstract painting. When you look closely, it is land that has been manipulated and changed throughout time by man. I believe it’s incredibly important to think about and have conversations on our impact as humans on natural environments.”

The image comes from the series Unmanned Landscapes created throughout 2014 by Ward. The series explores the ways in which current unmanned aerial imaging technology, including satellites and civilian drones, can be utilized to experience the land in new ways.

Justin Ward is currently an MFA photography student at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). He also holds a degree in digital art from State University of New York College at Oneonta and a masters degree in education from Teachers College at Columbia University.

Blending influences from minimalism and abstract expressionism, his artwork is an investigation into altering a viewer’s expectations and perception of the land. He utilizes image-gathering techniques often found in map making and archeological research as a starting point for large-scale works then downloading satellite views from Google Earth and also flying a small commercially available drone to capture aerial photographs. These images are then composited together in a working method more closely aligned to the practices of collage artists or painters than to photographers. Wards notes, “This process literally deconstructs and then reconstructs the land in a new way giving renewed life and possibilities to places that are often seen as mundane.”

You can see Man-Made Swamp and other pieces in Judge Realty’s Permanent Art Collection at Judge Realty located at 347 Abercorn Street, Savannah GA.

Judge Realty Loans Urban Impositions to Telfair Museum

Kedge Volta is a part of the Judge Realty Permanent Art Collection.


Judge Realty will be loaning out their Kedgar Volta Urban Impositions for the Telfair’s Savannah Collects showing at the Jepson Center October 3, 2014–January 18, 2015.

Telfair Museums teamed up with local collectors in the greater Savannah area to create an exhibit of beloved treasures housed throughout the community. From eighteenth and nineteenth century silver, furniture, paintings, and prints to modern and contemporary art, lenders to the exhibition each have graciously spared one beloved object from their collections for the duration of the show.

Judge Realty made the Volta piece a part of their permanent collection back in March, after a show held in Miami as a part of Art BaselLori Judge was immediately taken by the piece and knew it was going to be a great addition to the collection that she ultimately wanted to share with the community.

“My vision from the beginning was the idea of a private art piece displayed for the public to enjoy. Since Urban Impositions sits in the window of Judge Realty it was a great start to displaying works for the public.  When Telfair asked to borrow the piece for the exhibition I was thrilled.  The piece is now getting more exposure and public enjoyment which is thrilling to me because it is now bigger than my original vision.”

The reason behind this piece’s importance is how it relates to the local community.  While producing this series, Volta came up to the Hostess City and filmed pedestrians on the streets of downtown Savannah and placed them in his images. The people scene walking through the image are that of Savannah pedestrians.

Urban Impositions is a multimedia video and photography installation by Cuban artist Kedgar Volta. Inspired by the vacancy of the urban environments he found when he moved to Jacksonville, Florida, from his home in Havana, he used his artwork to underscore the absence of people by superimposing ghostly images of the population of other places in Jacksonville’s downtown scene.

Urban is one of many borrowed pieces from the community.  Approximately 25 works will be on display the entire duration of the exhibition. Each work is from a different collector. It runs October 3, 2014 through January 18, 2015.



Art in Marfa

Prada in Marfa, TexasShoes on display in Prada Marfa.Chinati Foundation in Marfa, TexasLori Judge looking at art in Marfa, TexasArtist John Chamberlain John Chamberlain Sculpture John Chamberlain sculpture John Chamberlain SculptureLori Judge visiting Ghost TownLori Judge visiting Ghost Town in Marfa, Texas.

Lori Judge’s vacation to Marfa, Texas would not have been complete without a visit to Judd FoundationPrada Marfa and The Chinati Foundation to see Don Flavin’s large scale fluorescent lights on display, and John Chamberlain’s set of sculptures made from scrap metal auto parts.

Willing to drive thirty minutes out of Marfa? Visit Ghost Town in Shafner, Texas. This former silver mining town once was bustling but now has a population that spans from 11 to 30.


Meredith Anne Sutton

Meredith SuttonMeredith Sutton Honey Bees Meredith Sutton Dog Meredith Sutton Honeybees2 Meredith Sutton Cuffs Meredith Sutton Bullet Earrings Meredith Sutton Belt Buckle Meredith Sutton Necklace Meredith Sutton Cuff4 Meredith Sutton Cuff 5 Meredith Sutton Cuff2 Meredith Sutton Utensils Meredith Sutton Cup Meredith Sutton Honeybees 3 Meredith Sutton RIng Meredith Sutton Studio

Photography by Meredith Sutton

Meredith Anne Sutton’s jewelry uniquely balances industrial and feminine influences and reflects her enamoring of found objects, including vintage pieces, architectural finds and hardware procured from old furniture. Sutton began her career after graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in metals and jewelry in 2003. The following year, she was accepted as the Regional Emerging Artist in Residence at Artspace, a non-profit visual art center in Raleigh, North Carolina. After completing her residency, Sutton returned to Savannah to build her studio and develop her business. Her work has been shown and sold in galleries and exhibits across the country and her pieces have been published in several publications, namely Lark’s “1000 Rings”. Sutton’s work is highly romantic and takes inspiration in literature and poetry, as well as in structural relics. With an aesthetic that is at once clean, ornate and bold, Sutton works with mediums of sterling silver, 18k gold, bronze, and acrylic to present pieces apropos for the most discerning and mature woman to the chic young trendsetter. With a heightened demand for her designs, Sutton has increasingly produced commissioned bodies of work that intimately reflect not only her inspiration but also the interests and passions of her clients.

Sutton is also the Creative Marketing Director and Beekeeper of Service Brewing Co., which is set to open this coming June 2014. If she is not hanging out with her brewery bees or banging on metal in her studio, you can find her enjoying a beer with friends.


Bits of Poem

writing on concreteamazingly red and yellow sunset

big giant red bugabandoned home that has graffiti.tall trees in a forestcloseup of bark on a treecloseup of tree on a barksun through the treesbike rack on concreteGround Covering and dirt.water signdaffin Park Fountain3Sand Gnat StadiumArrow Pointing UpTo see more work by Nick Lucey visit:

Instagram, website or flickr

Nick began his career in journalism in the 1980’s as a combat correspondent in the U.S. Marine Corps, attached to infantry and artillery units deployed throughout the western Pacific and Asia. He spent five years in the Corps, and finished his tour a sergeant at Parris Island, S.C.

He then moved to nearby Savannah, Georgia, where he became a copy editor for the Savannah Morning News in late 1992. A year later, he began as an editorial assistant at Rodale’s Scuba Diving Magazine and worked his way up the ranks to become Editor at Large. While with the magazine, he also served as a territory sales manager and online sales and site manager for the magazine’s web properties, including, for more than 15 years.

Nick is among the world’s foremost scuba diving travel journalists and industry experts, and his assignments have taken him to all corners of the globe in search of articles and underwater and topside photos, including Australia, Baja, Borneo, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Hawaii, Japan, the Maldives, Micronesia, Tahiti, and nearly every island in the Caribbean. He’s logged thousands of dives in hundreds of dive destinations, and his articles and photographs have been published in magazines the world over.

In 2008 he co-founded, a video production company which has spent the last three years filming the scuba diving travel television show, “Into the Drink.” He is currently the host and writer for Seasons 2 and 3 of the show, which should be released in the spring of 2014.

He is also an independent sales representative for BlueFocus Media, makers of the Tourist Assistance Portal (TAP), based in Savannah, Georgia.