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In addition to its commitment to green ideals, Judge Realty continues its legacy as a loyal and enthusiastic supporter of the arts.

In 2014, Judge Realty launched the Judge Realty Permanent Art Collection to complement and expand its vision of a sustainable future. Lori Judge and her husband, Lou Thomann, had been collecting art for 15 years, and she was inspired to present some of those pieces after one of her numerous trips to Art Basel in Miami.
“I visited the Rubell Family Collection, and I loved the idea of a private collection available for public view,” she recalls.
She decided that Judge Realty deserved a collection all its own and began searching for its first acquisition. She found it in Urban Impositions by Florida-based artist Kedgar Volta, a moving projection of shadows and form. Since it was installed in the window of the Judge Realty downtown storefront office, Urban Impositions has been captivating the attention of passersby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—except for the few months it spent at the Jepson Center of the Arts as part of the “Savannah Collects” exhibit in 2015.

Embracing a dynamic breadth of media, the Judge Realty collection continues to grow and now includes Justin Ward’s aerial abstract Manmade Swamp and the haunting beauty of Hatch Nuclear Power Plant, Altamaha, GA by photographer Ansley West Rivers.
Seeking out local and regional artists, Lori recently honed the focus of the collection to a three pronged-theme of environment, economy and energy. From sculpture to photography, animation to paint, the theme of how we power our world and how it affects its inhabitants and atmosphere is explored in this compelling, thoughtfully-curated assemblage.
“When the aspects of the environment, economy and energy are in balance, life on the planet thrives,” says Lori, who marked her first decade in business by converting her firm’s entire center of operations to solar energy.
“It’s important that we keep it all in harmony.”

An avid patron of public art, Lori also celebrated Judge Realty’s 10th anniversary by sponsoring a living mural on the office’s façade: Savannah’s Mossterpiece was created by fiber artist Jamie Bourgeois, who shaped pieces of growing green moss into a stunning scene of natural beauty.

This isn’t the first time the Judge Realty building has been offered up as a canvas: It also featured the upcycled foliage of Katherine Sandoz’s Flower Power in 2012. Judge Realty has sponsored numerous wall art projects around Savannah, including Candy Chang’s Before I Die, Matt Hebermehl’s Converse Wall to Wall, will continue to support the power of public art.

More individual pieces in the Judge Realty Permanent Art Collection can be viewed on the blog, or drop by the solar-powered offices of Judge Realty to explore the work.

Judge Realty Loans Urban Impositions to Telfair Museum

Kedge Volta is a part of the Judge Realty Permanent Art Collection.


Judge Realty will be loaning out their Kedgar Volta Urban Impositions for the Telfair’s Savannah Collects showing at the Jepson Center October 3, 2014–January 18, 2015.

Telfair Museums teamed up with local collectors in the greater Savannah area to create an exhibit of beloved treasures housed throughout the community. From eighteenth and nineteenth century silver, furniture, paintings, and prints to modern and contemporary art, lenders to the exhibition each have graciously spared one beloved object from their collections for the duration of the show.

Judge Realty made the Volta piece a part of their permanent collection back in March, after a show held in Miami as a part of Art BaselLori Judge was immediately taken by the piece and knew it was going to be a great addition to the collection that she ultimately wanted to share with the community.

“My vision from the beginning was the idea of a private art piece displayed for the public to enjoy. Since Urban Impositions sits in the window of Judge Realty it was a great start to displaying works for the public.  When Telfair asked to borrow the piece for the exhibition I was thrilled.  The piece is now getting more exposure and public enjoyment which is thrilling to me because it is now bigger than my original vision.”

The reason behind this piece’s importance is how it relates to the local community.  While producing this series, Volta came up to the Hostess City and filmed pedestrians on the streets of downtown Savannah and placed them in his images. The people scene walking through the image are that of Savannah pedestrians.

Urban Impositions is a multimedia video and photography installation by Cuban artist Kedgar Volta. Inspired by the vacancy of the urban environments he found when he moved to Jacksonville, Florida, from his home in Havana, he used his artwork to underscore the absence of people by superimposing ghostly images of the population of other places in Jacksonville’s downtown scene.

Urban is one of many borrowed pieces from the community.  Approximately 25 works will be on display the entire duration of the exhibition. Each work is from a different collector. It runs October 3, 2014 through January 18, 2015.