Crystals 101

Judge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaLori Judge, founder and CEO of Judge Realty, recently visited Tucson, Arizona for the Tucson Gem, Mineral, and Fossil Showcase. After accessing the triumphant haul, we took some time to break down the purposes of a few gems and see what the feng shui enthusiast herself had to say about the experience. Though you may not personally buy into the benefits of crystals within your space, you can’t deny they bring an element of elevation to every environment.

“It was like a candy store. Anything you could ever imagine was up for sale, from crystals the size of my desk to gems by the truckload,” said Judge, “If you ever get the chance to go, take it. Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s worth the trip to see the amazing things our planet can create within itself.”

The expo, an annual pilgrimage for every designer, mystic, and collector, is the largest gathering of stone wholesalers from around the country bringing everything from pearls to geodes the size of small cars to a state fair style open forum. Prices range from $5 rocks to massive display gems that cost about the same as one of our listings. Staying within the more modest range, Judge brought back a slew of stones to finesse the office with more positivity.

We chose to focus on the stones we find most useful in our office, but you may gravitate towards something else. If you just want something visually appealing to sit on your desk take a look at labradorite or amethyst, but if you’re looking to really enhance your office or home glance through the research we’ve done for you.Judge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaJudge Realty in Savannah,Judge Realty in Savannah, GeorigaJudge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaJudge Realty in Savannah, GAPhotography: Heath Daniel

To see the rest of the haul or the Judge Art Collection, stop by Judge Realty at 347 Abercorn Street.


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