Don’t Be Afraid to Go Dark

When making the case for dark, bold interiors, I know three things to be steadfast truths: draw inspiration from nature; go with matte- always; and be honest with yourself. Let’s be frank, a dark room or even entire home isn’t for everyone. It’s hard to not romanticize the idea, though, when watching a movie with a darker palette or looking at a magazine ad that’s bold and powerful; however, for those of us who tend to like the darker side of design and can stomach living it day in and day out, there’s nothing better.

1. Draw from Nature.

Nature has an innate way of always getting the color combinations right- don’t fight it. While combatting colors come and go as trend, the best way to avoid redecorating every six months is to stick with monochromatic, complementary color schemes.Judge Realty Judge Realty Judge Realty

2. Go Matte- Always.

Rarely do glossy dark colors play well, regardless of how large of a room we’re talking about. Stick with matte, it absorbs the light better and will create a warmer, more intimate feeling.Judge Realty Judge Realty Judge Realty

3. Be Honest with Yourself.

If you can’t handle a completely dark living room but still want a bold splash in your home- think about where you spend most of your time and where guests spend theirs. Try a dark powder room or guest bedroom to see how you like it before you take the plunge and paint your living room, dining room, and kitchen varying shades of black.Judge Realty Judge Realty

Heath Daniel,
Judge Realty Creative Director

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