Faces of the South with Lori Judge

Faces of the SouthIn 2011, Lori Judge was featured for South Magazine’s “Faces of the South.” They said, “She gives fashion advice, swears by acupuncture, can be found at most art openings and rides a classic BMW motorcycle. But she’s more than just a pretty face; she’s the next-generation pacesetter in Savannah real estate.”

This year, Judge is being featured again: she still gives fashion advice, swears by acupuncture, can be found hosting most art openings, has traded the motorcycle for an electric BMW, and continues to prove her worth in the real estate world.

Judge’s love of local and sustainable fashion hasn’t changed at all, she still stands by her favorites: basics for the office and understated artful ensembles for events. Her recent obsession is Thread and Onion. “These recent SCAD grads are incredibly talented, it’s so exciting to have talent and entrepreneurial drive like this stay in Savannah after graduation. I love their shop and am so happy to support them in any way I can.”

In addition to her love of acupuncture, Judge is really starting to expand into Feng Shui. Her office is completely zen, down to every last prosperity corner. Each desk has a crystal and, thanks to the recent full moon, were properly washed in moonlit rain.

Judge’s fervent love and support of local and regional art came to fruition when she established the Judge Realty Permanent Collection in 2014. “I went to Miami for Art Basel and viewed the Rubell Family Collection and became fascinated with the concept of an art collection that was permanent and open to anyone who wanted to view it. So naturally, I focused the acquisitions on the ideals of my company: environment, energy, and economy,” said Judge.

In 2014, Judge made the switch to electric. She acquired a BMW i3, hoping to promote Savannah’s ideal landscape for electric cars in the Historic District. Judge said, “I can’t claim environmental sustainability in my company if I don’t also follow those values personally. In 2014 I decided to buy electric. I’m so happy I did, Savannah is the perfect town for an electric car.”

Dylan Wilson is a fashion and portrait photographer based in Savannah, Georgia. He is available for assignments worldwide.Five years later and Lori Judge is still true to her original goals and ideals, and honored to be a part of South’s Faces of the South again. She’s proud to be more than just a pretty face as she redefines the bounds of a modern real estate company, growing her business into a multifaceted cultural cornerstone of our community.

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