Generation NEXT

Lori Judge brings an innovative, socially conscious, and modern take to this historic city’s real estate scene simultaneously incorporating her commitment to supporting Savannah’s arts culture and environmental sustainability concerns. Proudly adding her selection as a Savannah Magazine GenerationNEXT member to her accolades, she is excited to spend the next year further developing her concept of what a modern real estate company can encompass, from operating a green, solar powered, art infused office environment to residential and commercial sales and management brokerage.Lori Judge of Judge Realty

This year Eco-Broker Judge is making a major push to focus the Judge Realty Permanent Art Collection on three central themes; the environment, the economy, and energy. “These three issues, the environment, the economy, and energy need to strike a balance and work in harmony. If one of these elements is out of balance this creates a negative effect on the whole system,” states Judge. Incorporating artists like Ansley West Rivers and her piece Hatch Nuclear Power Plant, Altamaha River GA, Judge wants the statements behind her Permanent Collection selections to work in tandem with her business ideals, highlighting how we can create longevity and minimize anything detrimental to our eco-system.PowerPlant 001

When Savannah Magazine interviewed Judge, she was asked, “What is Savannah’s biggest problem and how should we solve it?” Judge responded, “I think our problem is not having the structure to keep young students around after graduation. This would diversify the socio-economic makeup of Savannah and grow industry.” It is Judge’s hope that by supporting local, young artists who are focusing their work on sustainability, that she too can help raise awareness while helping establish some of Savannah’s newest talents who are trying to carve a niche for themselves in our local culture. Judge elaborates, “Savannah is already a naturally beautiful place. I believe art and artists enhance this aesthetic.”

When Judge isn’t spending time at her organic farm located in Metter, GA, she is in the office changing our idea of what a real estate company can be. Drop in and visit the solar powered Judge office to view Lori’s Permanent Art Collection and learn more about her approach to a sustainable business and community.

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