Judge Realty’s Bright Future

Judge Realty Solar Panel in Savannah, Georgia.Judge Realty Solar Panel in Savannah, Georgia.Judge Realty Solar Panel in Savannah, Georgia. Image 3: Dylan Wilson

Solar energy for the home is not a new concept in the attempt for a more sustainable and financially conscious lifestyle. Most people however, only associate harnessing the energy of the sun to use on their home and not their place of work. Judge Realty hopes to start changing that view.

Recently, Judge Realty installed solar panels on to their building in Historic Downtown Savannah. Working with SolarSmith Power, they were able to gain approval from Savannah’s Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission within weeks of applying for the installation and once approved took only a few days to install and get up and running.

“Once everything was approved, installing them happened so seamlessly. You start to notice the effect almost instantly. We’ve had them running for about a month now and already our electric bill dropped by 70%,” Lori Judge stated.

Very few commercial buildings have installed solar panels in downtown Savannah but Judge hopes that by being one of the first to have a commercial property run solely on solar energy will start a city wide trend in committing to saving energy,

“It’s vital to our growth and development to commit to sustainability both in our personal lives and our businesses. My hope is that with commitments like solar panels installation, others will see the value and ease in moving over to completely sustainable, long-lasting and bright future”

Having been committed to sustainability from the very beginning, Lori is also one of the only EcoBrokers in the city. This designation is reserved for brokers trained to educate clients on reducing their carbon footprints through energy efficiency and environmentally sensitive design in properties.

Judge is also making plans to install solar panels on her farm in Metter, GA which also hosts one of ASI Tea’s harvesting locations. The power will go directly towards running ASI Tea’s irrigation and well system.

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