katherine sandoz joins Judge Realty Permanent Art Collection

Judge Realty adds Katherine Sandoz painting, Double Blaze to permanent art collection.

Judge Realty has added another piece to the Permanent Collection for the year 2015, katherine sandoz’s double blaze no. 2.

Judge commissioned double blaze no. 2 after seeing sandoz’s (color fields) double blaze that depicted a sunset and bonfire that took place at Temple’s Farm, Lori Judge’s farm in Metter, Georgia. As a nod to the 10 year anniversary and its owner/founder’s 40th year of life, sandoz cut the panel at 40″ square.  Fire’s myriad metaphors appeal to both artist and commissioner who share a joy for paint and its ability to communicate.

Savannah-based multi-media artist, katherine sandoz paints soft, luminous color field style paintings, of the Georgia landscape. She is known for examining everyday formations and offers work – in sizes varying from 24″ to 12′ x 12′ – that celebrates what is precious and unique. Analyzing and reframing small moments and neglected details of the day, sandoz covers large areas of her surfaces with thinned and fluid paint in loose abstractions, allowing the viewer to pay attention to what are essentially the backdrops of our everyday life – the natural landscape. A clever environmentalist, she makes a practice of using native, recycled, repurposed and up-cycled materials and playfully bonds them with conceptual twists and layered narratives.

double blaze is now a part of Judge Realty’s Permanent Collection that started in early 2014. Built to showcase a private collection that is open to the public, the pieces are on rotation for guests and passerbyers to enjoy at Judge Realty.  With now over 30 pieces in the collection, Judge Realty aims to support local and regional artists and help the creative community thrive.

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