Lori Judge of Judge Realty wins Runner-Up for Realtor Magazine ‘Why I Have Street Cred’ Contest

Video: Dylan Wilson & Steve Withers | Photos (In order of appearance) Cedric Smith, Matt Hebermehl, Justin Carlson, Jabberpics, Dylan Wilson, James “Dr Z” Zdoniewski

Realtor Magazine has announced Lori Judge, founder and principal broker of Judge Realty, as Runner Up for their Why I have Street Cred contest. Lori has been featured, along with other winners, in the February issue of Realtor Magazine on newsstands now.

The Street Cred contest was held in late 2014 and required realtors to send in a video explaining what was unique about their community and how they helped to enhance that uniqueness. Highlighting her art advocacy, Judge chose to focus on the art community of Savannah.

“I have had a passion for art since before I can remember. As a business owner, I believe it is my duty to nurture the culture of the community the best way you know how. By combining my passion for arts and real estate I’ve been committed to helping the local art scene grow and prosper and don’t expect to slow down anytime soon.”

The video highlighted the various public art projects Judge has sponsored and helped secure locations for including Candy Chang’s Before I Die wall and the Juxtapox Magazine and Converse Wall to Wall project with local artist Matt Hebermehl. She also points out using her own office building as a public art project for Flower Power by local artist Katherine Sandoz.

The video also introduces the Judge Realty permanent art collection recently started with the purchase of Jacksonville artist Kedgar Volta’s Urban Impositions. The installation is on view for the public to see in the windows of Judge Realty and displays the people of Savannah walking through the piece of art. Lori points out that she has always “loved the idea of having a private art collection being accessible to the public,” and has plans to continue and grow this model over the next several years.

View the article on Realmag.org.

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