Motive Collective moves to Savannah

Rarely do you meet people who are so wildly passionate about what they do, that even when in their studio, the work seems secondary to their commitment to good design and ethical production standards. Motive Collective is that studio and Ryan and Annie Price are those passionate people. Let there be no mistake, the work is secondary to nothing and no one; however, the pair is so open about their process and commitment to only using the best textile and fair labor that it seems impossible not to mention it first.Motive Collective | Judge ReatltyMotive Collective | Judge Reatlty

Motive Collective started as a production studio, focusing mainly on connecting the dots between designers and consumers- that quickly changed. After seeing the artistic culture and collaborative force that is Savannah, the pair decided it was time to start designing for themselves. First, Ryan delved into design development. “We were about 89% design agency and the rest was just pet projects we did for fun. We worked with larger, national brands helping to develop and expand on their already existing products, but now we’re starting to focus on our own work,” he said. The pair have two new lines, Broke and Instinctive, both in the beginning stages and both using veg-tanned, eco-friendly leathers that they’re extremely excited about.Motive Collective | Judge ReatltyMotive Collective | Judge Reatlty

The husband and wife duo reached out to Casey Howard, Judge Commercial Vice President, to find a space for their studio. “We did our research, read the reviews, and no one had a better response than Judge Realty,” said Ryan. “We had literally just gotten to town and he wanted to put all of this stuff in our house,” laughed Annie. “We called Casey, met at the space, signed the lease, and started unpacking. None of it ever even made it home.”Motive Collective | Judge ReatltyMotive Collective | Judge ReatltyMotive Collective | Judge Reatlty

In the future, the two want to see Motive Collective grow into a large warehouse downtown with a storefront. “We’d love to be able to manufacture all of our own goods locally, ship everything from Savannah, and use local labor to kind of fill the gap between SCAD graduates and local job placement,” said Ryan. “Or anyone really, if you’re good with your hands and like making things then why couldn’t you come in and hand stitch a wallet or help cut patterns. There’s no reason we can’t have a mother of five who wants some quiet time sewing next to an art student who needs to make rent.”Motive Collective | Judge ReatltyMotive Collective | Judge ReatltyFor more information about Motive Collective and their work visit and to learn more about leasing a space in Savannah contact Casey Howard at Judge Commercial.

Photography: Jon Waits

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