Sales Associate David D’Arcy’s Q&A with Jen Jenkins

Foxy Loxy Coffeeshop in Savannah, Georgia. Jen Jenkins, owner of Foxy Loxy in Savannah sitting on the front steps. Outdoor seating at Foxy Loxy in Savannah, Georgia. Foxy Loxy coffee in Savannah, Georgia. Treats and beer at Foxy Loxy in Savannah, Georgia. Tacates and Tacos at Foxy Loxy in Savannah, Georgia. Customer enjoying Foxy Loxy in Savannah, Georgia. Original artwork at Foxy Loxy in Savannah, Georgia. Artwork at Foxy Loxy in Savannah, Georgia. Upstairs seating at Foxy Loxy in Savannah, Georgia. Back patio entrance at Foxy Loxy in Savannah, Georgia.Jen Jenkins, owner of Foxy Loxy, in Savannah, Georgia. Photography Carson Sanders

Jen Jenkins, is the type of client that every realtor strives for, loyal and re-occurring. In the past three and half years, we have worked together in finding a home for her coffee concepts; first Foxy Loxy in 2011 and then The Coffee Fox in 2012. In that span, we have worked together three times in establishing the foundation of two lease agreements and one extension. Jen was always positive in keeping with her vision to deliver that special coffee and to be involved in different festivals and fundraisers. I always look for her when I attend these events, seeing her this past September at the Savannah Craft Brew Festival and the Second Harvest event in October at Savannah Station.

Jen is able to juggle motherhood and two businesses and is always happy because she is able to live her dream. When I am near The Coffee Fox, I always pop in to see if she is there; depending on the time of day, I am usually taking something to go. If you have not tried them, her tacos rule.


What made you choose Judge Realty?

JJ: I know this may not be the best answer but I ended up with Judge Realty by calling about a property other than the one I ended up leasing. A sign was posted at a property I was interested in and Judge Realty was representing the sellers. Once I talked to David he listened to what my property needs were and then helped to find the right match. 

Three words to describe David D’Arcy as a realtor…

JJDedicated, caring, and reliable. 

From start to finish, how did we do?

JJ: David was great and especially helpful since he has a past experience in the food and beverage industry. As a new business owner and new to the hospitality industry, I found it extremely beneficial to have a realtor able to identify the pros and cons of a property related to the special requirements of a food and beverage establishment. 

Advice for others leasing properties?

JJ: Get as much advice from relevant professionals in your field. I knew so little when I entered into my first lease and business venture but thankfully had many people close by looking out for my best interests. David was one of these people. 

What was your overall experience working with Judge Realty?

JJ: I had a great experience working with Judge Realty and came back for their help and guidance when I opened my second business here in Savannah, The Coffee Fox. 

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