Savannah Magazine Feature: Temples Farm

Lori Judge at Temples FarmRecently Lori Judge’s beautiful 76-acre farm was featured in Savannah Magazine as part of their “My Favorite Place” feature. A haven for Lori, her family, and her friends; the farm features an abundance of flora and fauna, a large pool, and multiple outdoor activities. Purchased by Lori and her husband, Lou, in 2013, the home has been a labor of love for both of them. Lou grows yaupon tea for his company Asi Tea on the property, and Lori enjoys walking the orchards and hanging out in her “oasis”, the pool house. The grounds serve as the perfect place for their son Albert to enjoy his favorite activities, hunting, and fishing. There is even a small “hunting cabin” on the property outfitted with camo sheets and dark wood paneling, perfect for a young outdoorsman. Whether they are entertaining with friends or need some time away, Temples Farm is a true home away from home.Lori Judge at Temples Farm in Savannah Magazine

“Over there is hyssop and echinacea, and you won’t believe this Georgia basil,” she says, plucking a leaf that smells as sweet as honey. “And this is going to be a kumquat tree, and right here we have asparagus and pineapple sage and bee balm.”

Temples Farm in Savannah MagazinePhotography by Parker Stewart

To read more about Lori and Temples Farm, pick up the latest issue of Savannah Magazine.

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