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Community Spotlight: Out of the Judge Realty Office and into the Emmaus House Kitchen

Judge Realty team at Emmaus in Savannah, Georgia

Judge Realty agents spent a busy morning last Friday volunteering at the Emmaus House; the team provided meal prep and service to Savannah’s homeless and in need population. An outreach program of United Ministries of Savannah, the Emmaus house located at 18 Abercorn St. mission is, “focused on confronting food insecurity in downtown Savannah.” Founded in 1982 by several area congregations, last year this program served an astounding 4,000 hot meals each month and also provided laundry and shower facilities to Savannah’s neediest residents.Judge Realty at Emmau in Savannah Ga

The volunteer morning began at 7:30 am as agents donned aprons and began a non-stop culinary dance choreographed by Emmaus House Executive Chef Freda Payne. Chef Payne has been associated with the Emmaus House for nearly 20 years. She is a skilled coordinator who seamlessly led the agents from slicing and dicing to after-meal cleanup and showed the team what it takes to feed 200 plus patrons every day.Lori Judge at Emmaus with Judge Realty

Many thanks to Executive Director Ariana Berksteiner for allowing Judge Realty the privilege of experiencing this 20-year-old program and educating the team on community volunteering.

Anyone interested in the work of this ministry, sign up for their newsletter or to volunteer, please visit the Emmaus House website HERE