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Tree of Life

Judge Realty in Savannah, GAPhoto: Courtesy of STF

In the post-Matthew blur, the most tangible effects to our community were the visually arresting uprooted trees. With a deep respect for our planet, Judge Realty has often forged ahead of others in hopes of sustainability, preservation, and restoration. We proudly support the Savannah Tree Foundation in their experienced and extensive efforts to keep our streets cloaked in foliage and history: they are extremely proactive and have raised the expectations of preservationists across the country.

The Savannah Tree Foundation was the first in the nation to secure a conservation easement for a single tree, use satellite imaging to document canopy tree changes in an urban area, produce a State of the Trees Report, and develop an urban forest component in a county-wide disaster management plan.

Karen Jenkins, Executive Director of the Foundation, said, “I know many people are angry after Matthew, the majority of the damage was due to fallen trees; however, we can’t blame the trees. Our city is known around the country for our beautiful hundred year old trees and we have to take care of them. I often find myself urging homeowners to take the initiative to hire a certified arborist to inspect the trees on their property. I wish it were required for pre-sale home inspections. It seems like such a non-issue to most but if we really take care of them and prune them, they’re less likely to cause damage. What we do at the foundation is mainly education, how to maintain and care for what makes our city so beautiful.”

Jenkins went on to say, “In the wake of Matthew, as unfortunate as it was, the timing is just right to plant new trees: really from now through the winter. On Saturday October 24th, at Food Day, the Arbor Day Foundation will donate 150 new trees to be planted. The timing of this is extremely important because we did lose so many trees, but we can’t continue to have hundred year old trees unless we’re constantly replanting and maintaining the ones we already have.”

Judge Realty in Savannah, GAPhoto: Courtesy of Peter Roberts

A recent acquisition of the Judge Permanent Art Collection, Treeolife 1 by Peter Roberts, undoubtedly shows the interconnectedness of nature, community, and art. His commitment to the environment mirrors one of Judge’s own core values, and as such, was an immediate and timely fit for the collection. Roberts, owner of Blackbird Press, a studio producing invitations, proclamations and various paperama, uses paper as his medium to tell stories about explosive social interactions and our own connection to one another.

Roberts said, “The paper itself is eco friendly/ sustainable, from a German company, Gmund, and the grain allowed me to fold and cut it to get the look I wanted. The piece is based on The Tree of Life in the Kabbalah, and I liked the idea that it came from a tree and it then became a tree. I had no idea it would be so pertinent to what’s happening in our community.” Roberts continued to say he was happy it is being discussed alongside the Savannah Tree Foundation. The Location Gallery is partnering with them for Reach:Trees on December 1st, a collection of more than 15 local artists presenting work highlighting the beauty and importance of our trees.

In the aftermath and process of recollecting ourselves and our homes, we’re reminded not of feuds over property lines and incessant parking citations, but instead that we have each other, we have our art, and thanks to the Savannah Tree Foundation, we have unparalleled beauty that will forever be protected.

To learn more about the Savannah Tree Foundation or to donate, visit their website http://www.savannahtree.com/support/give/ and to learn more about Peter Roberts and Blackbird Press visit http://www.blkbirdpress.com/