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To the Judge Realty team and all involved, the Intersection Block Party represented more than just a celebration of hard work and stunning art – it was a chance for the community to come together in a place where art can thrive. Lori Judge has made it her goal to allow Judge Realty to always be a place of opportunity for artists to express themselves and grow, involving the community and making art as public and accessible as possible. Intersection was nothing short of a behemoth effort representative of Savannah’s love of public art, involving many moving parts and hard working tastemakers, art lovers, and savvy engineers. Lori Judge and her team endlessly thank artists Will Penny, Liz Winnel, Britt Spencer and Matt King, Susan Laney of Laney Contemporary, structural engineer Cody Tharpe and contractor Paul Miller, Big Bon Pizza, The Telfair Museums and Stephanie Raines for spearheading their new initiative #art912, and of course, W Projects, and the willingness to expand the definition of public art by the Historic Board of Savannah, without whom Intersection would still be just an idea. Intersection, Judge’s Third Annual Public Art Project, saw more positive feedback and community support than any before, and in the hope that we can continue to bring amazing works to the forefront of community visibility, we thank all who support us in our efforts.

Intersection by Will Penny

Judge Realty in Savannah, Georgia

Judge Realty proudly hosts local artist Will Penny as the third annual public art project on the prominent facade of 347 Abercorn Street. Entitled Intersection, Penny will use manipulated light and motion graphics each night from 7-9 PM starting December 8 and running through December 28th. On December 8th, Judge Realty is hosting a block party in front of the office to celebrate the installation and public art in Savannah.Judge Realty in Savannah, Georgia

Intersection, a light installation, will employ three mounted projectors incorporating a series of animations including light and form patterns and two-dimensional abstract designs.

Lori Judge, founder and C.E.O. of Judge Realty, said, “I have been a fan and collector of Will Penny for many years. When I was introduced to his large-scale work I knew we needed to incorporate it into Judge Public Art Projects. I am excited to see the transformation of the facade of Judge Realty into one of his evolving masterpieces.”

Of the name Intersection, Penny said, “It’s really about the intersection of public space and art, it’s about how we could engage the space itself and ask people passing by on the street to take a second to pause, looking at themselves against the scale of it- slowing down, stopping, meditating. It’s a slight homage to the area we all work and live in, then taking it and adding a new psychological layer.”Judge Realty in Savannah, Georgia

Penny also said, “I try to avoid instances of ‘statement,’ but Intersection is also about Judge’s own ideas for the Art Collection, the three e’s: energy, economy, environment. Those are all very important to me as well, so the ‘intersection’ is also about the crossover of Lori’s ideas and my own.”

Intersection also represents a shift in the local perception of what public art can mean. “Right now, the most common recognized form of public art in the city are murals and memorial structures. I want to help expand the dimensional understanding and parameters of what public art can be. I want Judge Realty’s office to be a blank canvas, a means of expression, a place for artists to grow, and something the community can experience together,” said Judge.

In addition to promoting public art, Judge Realty is also using Intersection as an opportunity to support Telfair’s #art912 with a block party on Thursday December 8th. #art912 is a new Telfair Museums initiative dedicated to raising the visibility and promoting the vitality of artists living and working in Savannah through exhibition opportunities, public programs, and outreach.

Please stop by Judge Realty at 347 Abercorn Street on Thursday December 8th from 7-10PM for the block party or throughout the month of December from 7-9PM to see Intersection.

Judge Realty and Art Rise Savannah Presents Savannah’s Mossterpiece

Judge Realty Art Rise Judge Realty Art Rise

In celebration of Judge Realty’s 10 year anniversary, they’re joining forces with Art Rise Savannah to showcase the ever growing need and desire to exhibit public art in Savannah. Throughout the month of June the duo invites you to watch the face of public art in Savannah grow… literally. Savannah’s Mossterpiece​, is the first eco­friendly public art project in Savannah that will be completely comprised of moss placed on the facade of the Judge Realty building, located at 347 Abercorn Street in downtown Savannah. SCAD alumni and local artist Jamie Bourgeois​, will be taking on the challenge of creating a mural that represents growth, community, and art.

Both Judge Realty and Art Rise Savannah pride themselves on enhancing the community through public art and community involvement. The facade of the Judge Realty building will provide a blank canvas for Bourgeois to work with. Given the themes of growth​, community, and art​, the mural will not only encompass those themes but the moss will enhance the overall natural green space that Savannah was designed to be.

“We really wanted to showcase that supporting the economic growth of the art community here in Savannah is vital to the City’s advancement. I want this project to act as a stepping stone for artists to see that job growth, economic stability and impactful public art ​have a place here. It also helps that the art is eco­friendly,” Lori Judge of Judge Realty stated.

Judge Realty recently installed solar panels ​on the building in order to completely take Judge Realty off the electric grid, making them one of the only downtown companies to rely solely on solar energy. It is this kind of commitment to sustainability that attracted Art Rise to the project. Art Rise wanted to harness this vision and create a union between art and sustainability.

“We are excited by the moss medium due to it’s close thematic relationship to the building owners recent build­out of solar energy generators on the top of her building. We feel strongly by using the moss­ medium and solar energy together will educate and highlight the benefits of renewable resources in an open, articulate, and accessible manner. The concept is beneficial not only to the beauty of the neighborhood, but also Savannah’s character as a progressive future-­thinking city,” stated Clinton Edminster, Executive Director of Art Rise Savannah.

Moss graffiti is a recent trend in street, or mural, art that uses living moss to paint on the walls of public spaces. Moss is blended and painted onto a wall, then allowed to grow in position. After application, the moss grows, adding a new dimension to the art medium as well as extending the concept of guerrilla gardening.

Kristopher Monroe, President of Art Rise Savannah stated, “As the City of Savannah increasingly recognizes the importance of public art, we’re excited to be working with Judge Realty in realizing this eco­friendly themed project to bring more awareness of what the possibilities of public art can and should be about.”

Savannah’s beauty has for centuries been enhanced by the natural green spaces and trees cared for, nurtured, and beloved by both the city and the citizens who walk beneath them. The chosen mural design and the medium that is being used speaks to the continued admiration for nature in its strength and diversity.

Edminster continued by stating, “One of the amazing benefits of public art is the feedback loop that it creates in the community. Our city’s members are able to see the investments being made in the arts on an accessible and public level.”

Art Rise Savannah, is a 501(c)(3) Arts Organization operating in Savannah, Georgia on a mission to build the creative economy Savannah deserves by supporting the value of art and providing creative and financial opportunities to local artists. Art Rise coordinates the award winning First Friday Art March, a contemporary exhibition and installation space, as well as an online magazine featuring local arts, artists, and art events.

Judge Realty is Savannah’s only full service, locally owned and operated brokerage company. Celebrating 10 years in business, Judge Realty specializes in residential and commercial real estate, as well as in commercial and residential property management and rentals.