Winter to Spring

While March in other places may mean a light sweater instead of a parka, in Savannah it’s synonymous with trips to the beach, airing out the house, and at long last digging in the closet for those abhorrent green novelty T-shirt and short combinations we all tell ourselves we won’t wear again next year. Aside from the inevitable debauchery during St. Patrick’s Day when the entire town shuts down and schools are dismissed for familial drinking, spring is the ideal time to clean out your house and destress your life. Take a knee and learn from the pros, we’ve seen enough homes and come in contact with as much crazy as this town has to offer.

1. Start small. Much like building a home, sprucing one up can be just as overwhelming. Pick the room you spend the most time in and start there. Organize your kitchen cabinets or maybe even just move the mail from the kitchen counter to a tray.

2. Donate. During our three weeks of winter we all sort of morph into packrats. We avoid going out, order dinner in more, and tend to shop as if we’re never going to see the sun again. We recommend taking clothing to The Humane Society for Greater Georgia’s Thrift Store, stop and play with the puppies while you’re there. For odds and ends, Starlandia Art Supply is perfect. And all of the canned goods you’ve packed away for that impending snow day can be taken to Second Harvest Food Bank.

3. Streamline. We tell our clients if it can be replaced for under $20 and you haven’t used it in the last year- toss it or donate it. If your home feels cluttered after you’ve tossed the smaller items, consider losing a piece of occasional furniture. Move it to another room and if you’re still feeling claustrophobic- donate it.

4. As always, sage. Spring is the perfect time to open the windows and let the stagnant energy of winter fly away. Don’t forget to remove the dust from your mind as well, much of Spring cleaning is an attitude, a desire to grow and change for the better. Sometimes the transition from winter to spring can take a little longer than we want, but get out, enjoy the breeze, and let the heaviness of winter go. On a recent trip to Scotland, one of our photographers, Parker Stewart, photographed the transition; enjoy his point of view on the stunning transformation and take a look at the rest of his work to jumpstart the big spring clean.Judge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaJudge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaJudge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaJudge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaJudge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaJudge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaPhotography: Parker Stewart

Heath Daniel,
Creative Director

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