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Judge Realty and Art Rise Savannah Presents Savannah’s Mossterpiece

Judge Realty Art Rise Judge Realty Art Rise

In celebration of Judge Realty’s 10 year anniversary, they’re joining forces with Art Rise Savannah to showcase the ever growing need and desire to exhibit public art in Savannah. Throughout the month of June the duo invites you to watch the face of public art in Savannah grow… literally. Savannah’s Mossterpiece​, is the first eco­friendly public art project in Savannah that will be completely comprised of moss placed on the facade of the Judge Realty building, located at 347 Abercorn Street in downtown Savannah. SCAD alumni and local artist Jamie Bourgeois​, will be taking on the challenge of creating a mural that represents growth, community, and art.

Both Judge Realty and Art Rise Savannah pride themselves on enhancing the community through public art and community involvement. The facade of the Judge Realty building will provide a blank canvas for Bourgeois to work with. Given the themes of growth​, community, and art​, the mural will not only encompass those themes but the moss will enhance the overall natural green space that Savannah was designed to be.

“We really wanted to showcase that supporting the economic growth of the art community here in Savannah is vital to the City’s advancement. I want this project to act as a stepping stone for artists to see that job growth, economic stability and impactful public art ​have a place here. It also helps that the art is eco­friendly,” Lori Judge of Judge Realty stated.

Judge Realty recently installed solar panels ​on the building in order to completely take Judge Realty off the electric grid, making them one of the only downtown companies to rely solely on solar energy. It is this kind of commitment to sustainability that attracted Art Rise to the project. Art Rise wanted to harness this vision and create a union between art and sustainability.

“We are excited by the moss medium due to it’s close thematic relationship to the building owners recent build­out of solar energy generators on the top of her building. We feel strongly by using the moss­ medium and solar energy together will educate and highlight the benefits of renewable resources in an open, articulate, and accessible manner. The concept is beneficial not only to the beauty of the neighborhood, but also Savannah’s character as a progressive future-­thinking city,” stated Clinton Edminster, Executive Director of Art Rise Savannah.

Moss graffiti is a recent trend in street, or mural, art that uses living moss to paint on the walls of public spaces. Moss is blended and painted onto a wall, then allowed to grow in position. After application, the moss grows, adding a new dimension to the art medium as well as extending the concept of guerrilla gardening.

Kristopher Monroe, President of Art Rise Savannah stated, “As the City of Savannah increasingly recognizes the importance of public art, we’re excited to be working with Judge Realty in realizing this eco­friendly themed project to bring more awareness of what the possibilities of public art can and should be about.”

Savannah’s beauty has for centuries been enhanced by the natural green spaces and trees cared for, nurtured, and beloved by both the city and the citizens who walk beneath them. The chosen mural design and the medium that is being used speaks to the continued admiration for nature in its strength and diversity.

Edminster continued by stating, “One of the amazing benefits of public art is the feedback loop that it creates in the community. Our city’s members are able to see the investments being made in the arts on an accessible and public level.”

Art Rise Savannah, is a 501(c)(3) Arts Organization operating in Savannah, Georgia on a mission to build the creative economy Savannah deserves by supporting the value of art and providing creative and financial opportunities to local artists. Art Rise coordinates the award winning First Friday Art March, a contemporary exhibition and installation space, as well as an online magazine featuring local arts, artists, and art events.

Judge Realty is Savannah’s only full service, locally owned and operated brokerage company. Celebrating 10 years in business, Judge Realty specializes in residential and commercial real estate, as well as in commercial and residential property management and rentals.

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Inside Property Management

Right Facing Red For Rent Real Estate Sign in Front of Beautiful House. Shutterstock_Image

The decision to invest into multiple properties for rental purposes can be a great choice for long term investments. However, most people may not be ready for the work combined with the dedication that it takes to upkeep and manage tenants for it to be a successful venture. For that purpose, residential management companies are key in not only managing the day-to-day but ensuring that the upkeep and return on investment is on track.

We asked Judge Realty’s VP of Residential Property Management, Emily Kelley and Assistant VP Property Management Laurie Winslow to provide a closer look at the details involved in property management and the challenges faced.


What are some of the struggles that most owners don’t realize accompany operating rental properties?

I often see that most owners who self-manage have difficulty with receiving payments on time, the pre-screening process, and placing the right people in the space. I would rather have a home sit vacant for a few extra weeks knowing that I’m putting a qualified tenant in the unit that is going to take care of the property and pay the rent on time every month. We know exactly what to look for, and have a great system in place to ensure we are renting to someone who are low risks for non payment.

What are some things beyond taking care of the pre-screening and placement that residential management companies assist on?

We ensure legal compliance during all the processes involved from marketing a property, showing the property, leasing it, and the move in/ move out processes. Most owners are not familiar with contractual stipulations that must be applied in order to protect both the owners and the renters. In addition, the constant communication and activity involved with the tenant that comes with the responsibility of being a landlord is often overlooked. It is a full-time job that most owners are not prepared for.

What are some of the financial risks and gains involved with owning rental properties?

Accounting is something owners with multiple properties struggle with (or even someone with one property can struggle with). Using a residential management company makes it very easy, you get monthly statements as well as a year end statement of all income and expenses. This makes accounting less stressful for owners and streamlined.

Maintenance is another area that can be costly if not done correctly but also very time consuming and complex. A residential management company will facilitate all this for you, obtain estimates, oversee the work, and ensure work is done properly and up to code which in the end will save you money and sanity.

What is a typical day like for a property manager?

There is not a typical day in property management. You can come in with a list of items you want to do, and a call from a tenant or owner can rearrange your entire day depending on the situation and how complex the situation might be.

You can also be bombarded with calls for showings of units and that will deviate you away from your planned schedule. Property management is a juggle from minute to minute as to what takes priority, yet everything is extremely time sensitive with no exceptions.

Communicating clearly upfront with tenants and owners and being organized helps, but there is never a typical day.

Judge Realty now manages over 200 properties both commercial and residential. Celebrating their 10 year anniversary this year, they are the only locally owned full service brokerage in Savannah, Georgia.

For more information about residential management contact Emily Kelley at

The Blake


On our continued coverage of the developments near Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, we’re taking a detailed look into the recent sale of the plot of land off Selma Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Rhett and Tyler Mouchet of Judge Commercial announced in late April that the plot had been sold to the development company CampusWorks.

CampusWorks is a nationally recognized developer and builder of student housing apartment communities. With properties all across the Southeast, they are one of the leading development companies in student housing.

Steve Helfrich, vice president of business development for CampusWorks, has confirmed their plans to develop that area into the perfect center where student housing can interact with downtown life.

“We saw an opening in this market for this type of development with a certain demographic being underserved. This is purpose built student housing that will meet the needs and exceed the expectations of the Savannah student population.”

The construction has already begun on the plot with completion scheduled for fall of 2016. This 5 story building will be home to 1-5 bedroom units, and will include amenities like 24-hour security, a pool, fitness center, an art gallery and more.

Much like most of MLK Jr. Blvd, the area has seen quite a bit of transition over the years, “The property was formerly the transportation center for CSX Railroad which played a major part of controlling intersections and scheduling their trains in the Savannah area. Technology made the center ‘outdated’ and the property became the center of vandalism and vagrant occupants.” said Rhett Mouchet, lead broker in the transaction along with his son Tyler.

The incoming facility will be a state-of-the-art student housing with mass and height approved by the Historic Review Board. It is anticipated in a few years that the removal of the overpass will enable the facility to sit on a tree-lined boulevard in the middle of Savannah’s new mixed use commercial district.

Since its founding in 1999, CampusWorks has experienced extensive growth, with a combined student housing portfolio exceeding 13,500 beds in Acquisition, Development & Construction. Additionally CampusWorks has a joint venture ownership interest in over 7,200 student housing beds in 15 university markets in excess of $500 million. They are an ideal candidate to help ensure the success of enriching the area with new life and vibrancy.

With key developments such as this, Savannah and the MLK Corridor have certainly been placed on the map and are headed for a bright and unique future. Look for further details on the design, layout and interiors of the development officially named, The Blake.

Judge Commercial now manages over 60 commercial units and has been the leading brokerage company to streamline the major developments on Broughton Street, Liberty Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard selling over $66 million last year.