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Tangent (South Carolina) by Henry Dean added to the Judge Realty Permanent Art Collection

Henry Dean | Judge RealtyConceptually inspired by the plein air landscapes of Van Gogh and Rembrandt, Henry Dean’s series Sluice contemplates the intersection of art and nature. “Van Gogh loved the cycles of nature, his work was more about art as a way of living and manifesting a desire to be outdoors than just the observable world,” Dean said. “I grew up on farms, in the woods, my father was a beekeeper: so working outdoors seemed only natural for me. In the 90’s I focused on several sustained responsive drawings, observing a landscape for a long period of time (hours, days, weeks) and would draw the feeling, rather than the specific geography.”11403075_715811558564222_5959024430602868923_n (1)Henry Dean | Judge Realty In his most recent set of works, Dean went in a new direction: subversive paintings. “I came to Savannah to teach and saw an opportunity to remake my practice and do something completely different with no expectations. Traditional painting doesn’t reflect the experience of a place or, typically, the process of creating the work; I thought, ‘how do I represent the true meaning of the landscape as I see it?’.” Dean focused his energy on finding out what it meant to be in nature under the guise of a recognizable painting: how could he, almost completely, remove himself from the process and let the art be the experience of nature itself? He’s happy with the outcome, he says, “They have this experimental quality, but at the same time I felt like I had to stay on top of the process. It’s great to have Lori add the work to her collection. I’m grateful for that.” Dean’s process is, in a word, the way he describes the lowcountry: tidal. “There’s this amazing quality to Savannah where everything seems to wash in and out. I liked that aspect of the work as well; I left the canvases in the water and there’s a stillness about the works, in the way they’re being prepared, but then nature takes over,” he said. Leaving the canvases in the marsh for weeks at a time, allowing nature to fully engulf them, Dean achieved his balance: an ethereal, honest depiction of what life in the lowcountry feels like.Henry Dean | Judge RealtyHenry Dean | Judge RealtyHenry Dean | Judge Realty Dean said his process is less about painting with nature and more about allowing nature to create a visual representation of the experience. “We have this odd relationship with the force of nature. We talk about how it’s this beautiful thing, but we rarely fully observe it.”Henry Dean | Judge Realty To see Henry Dean’s piece Tangent (South Carolina) and the rest of the Judge Realty Permanent Collection (founded in 2014, focused around the ideals of environment, economy, and energy) stop in to Judge Realty at 347 Abercorn Street.

Photographs: Provided by Henry Dean

Spartina 449 is coming to Broughton Street

Spartina | Judge RealtySpartina 449, is coming to Broughton Street! For those not familiar with the lowcountry’s celebrated women’s lifestyle brand, Spartina 449 is a handbag and accessory retailer based in Hilton Head offering products that reflect the breezy spirit of island living. Kay Stanley, founder and lead designer said, “We were attracted to Broughton Street because of the recent activity of new fashion retailers opening new stores there. We feel the historic district and proximity to our company origins of Daufuskie Island is a natural fit for our brand.”

Spartina | Judge RealtyStanley added, “Spartina is different than the other national retailers opening on Broughton because we are headquartered right here in the lowcountry. Our local team of artists design every handbag, scarf, and accessory from our studio on Hilton Head. We take our inspiration from the natural beauty and history of Daufuskie Island and the surrounding area. Spartina is a line of products unique to our area.” Happily welcoming the “laid back luxe” brand to our rapidly growing list of retailers on Broughton, Lori Judge helped Spartina find a home. Stanley said, “We discovered Judge Realty in our search for a retail location on Broughton Street. They made the entire process of securing the lease efficient and easy. Working with such a professional firm is a pleasure.”

Lead designer, Stanley, is the source of the store’s lowcountry vision; however, she has a staff of seven working under her: four product designers and three marketing designers. Compared to larger, corporate brands, Spartina is a welcome solace on Broughton Street. “It’s nice to retain our local culture while we welcome larger anchor stores all over Broughton. I’m really glad stores like Spartina can also call that street home and see just as much support,” said Judge on closing the deal.Spartina | Judge Realty Spartina | Judge Realty Spartina | Judge Realty

Right now Spartina is taking their expansion one store at a time, with no necessary vision other than organically growing the business. Since individual retail partners sell Spartina 449 nationwide, Stanley wants the focus to be the well crafted and thoughtfully designed products, not rapid expansion.

Spartina 449 is planning to open this Spring and is located at 317 West Broughton Street.

Designer home for sale located in sought after Turner’s Cove

29 Wyndham Court29 Wyndham Court 29 Wyndham Court 29 Wyndham Court29 Wyndham Court 29 Wyndham Court 29 Wyndham Court29 Wyndham Court 29 Wyndham Court29 Wyndham Court 29 Wyndham Court29 Wyndham Court 29 Wyndham Court

This immaculate home is a host’s dream with an open floor plan and designer finishes throughout. With over 3,500 square feet and a stunning courtyard in the back, this showpiece is ideal for entertaining. The home offers three bedrooms and three and a half baths, two fireplaces, stereo wiring throughout, and an elevator. This beautiful, agent owned, house also has fabulous neighborhood amenities such as a marina, pool, and parks in highly sought after Turner’s Cove.

Visit Judge Realty at 347 Abercorn Street and talk to Bruce Jacobs to learn more about this amazing home.

Faces of the South with Lori Judge

Faces of the SouthIn 2011, Lori Judge was featured for South Magazine’s “Faces of the South.” They said, “She gives fashion advice, swears by acupuncture, can be found at most art openings and rides a classic BMW motorcycle. But she’s more than just a pretty face; she’s the next-generation pacesetter in Savannah real estate.”

This year, Judge is being featured again: she still gives fashion advice, swears by acupuncture, can be found hosting most art openings, has traded the motorcycle for an electric BMW, and continues to prove her worth in the real estate world.

Judge’s love of local and sustainable fashion hasn’t changed at all, she still stands by her favorites: basics for the office and understated artful ensembles for events. Her recent obsession is Thread and Onion. “These recent SCAD grads are incredibly talented, it’s so exciting to have talent and entrepreneurial drive like this stay in Savannah after graduation. I love their shop and am so happy to support them in any way I can.”

In addition to her love of acupuncture, Judge is really starting to expand into Feng Shui. Her office is completely zen, down to every last prosperity corner. Each desk has a crystal and, thanks to the recent full moon, were properly washed in moonlit rain.

Judge’s fervent love and support of local and regional art came to fruition when she established the Judge Realty Permanent Collection in 2014. “I went to Miami for Art Basel and viewed the Rubell Family Collection and became fascinated with the concept of an art collection that was permanent and open to anyone who wanted to view it. So naturally, I focused the acquisitions on the ideals of my company: environment, energy, and economy,” said Judge.

In 2014, Judge made the switch to electric. She acquired a BMW i3, hoping to promote Savannah’s ideal landscape for electric cars in the Historic District. Judge said, “I can’t claim environmental sustainability in my company if I don’t also follow those values personally. In 2014 I decided to buy electric. I’m so happy I did, Savannah is the perfect town for an electric car.”

Dylan Wilson is a fashion and portrait photographer based in Savannah, Georgia. He is available for assignments worldwide.Five years later and Lori Judge is still true to her original goals and ideals, and honored to be a part of South’s Faces of the South again. She’s proud to be more than just a pretty face as she redefines the bounds of a modern real estate company, growing her business into a multifaceted cultural cornerstone of our community.