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Featured Property: 29 Wyndham Court Re-Listed

Judge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaJudge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaJudge Realty in Savannah, Georgia Judge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaJudge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaJudge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaJudge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaJudge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaJudge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaJudge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaJudge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaJudge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaJudge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaJudge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaPhotography: Dylan Wilson

29 Wyndham Court, Turner’s Cove
Bruce Jacobs – Associate Broker
Reduced Price of $539,000
3 Bedroom/ 3.5 Bath
3,551 SF

Associate broker, Bruce Jacobs, has recently re-listed and reduced the price of his elegant Turner’s Cove townhome. This immaculate property, in a highly sought after neighborhood, is a host’s dream with an open floor plan and designer finishes throughout. With over 3,500 square feet spaciously spread out over three stories with a professionally landscaped courtyard in the back, this showpiece is ideal for grand entertaining. The home offers three bedrooms and three and a half baths, two fireplaces, stereo wiring throughout, and an elevator. This beautiful home also has fabulous neighborhood amenities such as a marina, pool, parks, and other beautifully landscaped and maintained common areas.

Visit Judge Realty at 347 Abercorn Street and talk to Bruce Jacobs to learn more about this amazing property.

All Natural

At Judge Realty, we love nature: we’re eco-friendly, love the outdoors, and love using elements of nature in design. Sometimes, it can be a bit much though, we’ve all walked into a house before and been instantly overwhelmed with a saturation of houseplants, heavy woods, and even, dare we say, the musk of a life lived a little too naturally. We know houses, it’s what we do, we see a lot of them and have learned what works best and what to avoid. We’ve compiled a list of ideas we recommend for maximizing the natural aspects of your home, whether you’re planning a full renovation or just picking up a few trinkets.

Let the light in. The good thing about many of the historic homes in Savannah is the windows. When most of the houses downtown were built, taxes were placed on the number of doors, not windows- that’s why most of the windows go to the floor- they were treated as a door, but weren’t taxed as such. Capitalize on the natural light in your home and skip the curtains, let the light in and let it help design the space for you.Judge Realty in Savannah, Georgia Judge Realty in Savannah, Georgia Judge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaBring the outside in, without having to water and sun your interior decor. Ivy and moss are the bread and butter of Savannah- use them, let them speak for themselves, and let them add some color without having to repaint, reupholster, or change a thing.Judge Realty in Savannah, Georgia Judge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaBring the outside in, literally. There is nothing better than a decayed and dilapidated tree trunk, stump, or cut of wood. In Savannah, the houses are old and the trees are older- there are clean-up services all over town that give away trunks and stumps. Grab a few and turn them into a table, art piece, or extra seating.Judge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaJudge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaKeep it clean. Try keeping the palette neutral and add nature in unexpected ways: use wood on the ceiling, store logs for the fireplace in a new way and turn it into a design element, or opt for a leafy wallpaper instead of overcrowding a room with houseplants.Judge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaJudge Realty in Savannah, Georgia Judge Realty in Savannah, Georgia

Heath Daniel,
Creative Director


Featured Judge Commercial Property: 1301 Lincoln Street

Judge Commercial | Savannah, GAJudge Commercial | Savannah, GAJudge Commercial | Savannah, GA Judge Commercial | Savannah, GAJudge Commercial | Savannah, GAJudge Commercial | Savannah, GAJudge Commercial | Savannah, GAPhotography provided by Ellsworth-Hallett

Formerly, respected design builders Ellsworth-Hallett, this exceptionally well maintained and fully renovated property is located in a prominent Victorian neighborhood. The two unit, 2,097 square foot, office building has two dedicated parking spaces and includes an additional warehouse. The building underwent a top-to-bottom restoration, by Ellsworth-Hallett, of all systems, high quality surfaces, and received a new roof. Located on the corner of Lincoln and Henry Street, this amazing space is in the perfect location for a new business or with 100% occupancy and a 6.5% cap rate, it also makes a great investment.

To learn more about this amazing property contact Lori Judge at 912.236.1000 or stop by Judge Realty at 347 Abercorn Street.


Sebastian Edwards: Rock Star

In the office, most interactions involving Seb last fewer than six seconds, include a hurried walk-and-talk, and undoubtedly a smile: his diligence, dedication, and compassion are second to none. Seb is Judge Realty’s resident Property Management maintenance man and rock star.Sebastian Edwards: Rock Star | Judge RealtySeb, loving husband and father of two budding musicians, is currently playing with Soapdish. In the past he’s also played with Superhorse and Hot Pink Interior. “I play guitar, bass, drums, a little keyboard, and mandolin, a little bit of everything really. I want to play everything. I’m learning to play everything, I started playing with bands but now I’m playing with my kids and teaching them. Well, they’re sort of teaching me,” Seb laughed.Sebastian Edwards: Rock Star | Judge RealtyWhen he’s not learning about music from his sons, he’s putting out fires all over town. Seb is the man behind the scenes making sure every rental property is in top shape. “He works long, hard hours, often in the sun and heat, running from property to property and I’ve never seen him without a smile on his face. He’s always happy to help in any way he can,” said Judge Realty Property Manager Collyn Ryan. “Seb is the reason we are able to deliver outstanding service to our residents and owners.”Sebastian Edwards: Rock Star | Judge RealtyOriginally from Swansea, a city in Wales, Seb spent his more wild years on the West Coast. “It was a long trip, but when I got to Savannah, I had dreadlocks, a backpack and guitar, and had just seen my 100th Grateful Dead show. I hitchhiked the whole way,” said Seb.

To see Seb’s bands play follow their Facebook page, Soap and Superhorse for updates and performance dates.

The Green Team

Preserving and improving the environment is, in every sense, a top priority for Judge Realty. Founder and broker-­in-­charge, Lori Judge, is one of Savannah’s only certified EcoBrokers and the rest of the company follows suit. In particular, two stand out as the resounding queens of green, office administrator Debbie Dennis, and new property manager and recycling guru, Collyn Ryan. Both had much to say on the topic, from the extreme to minute every day changes that add up to create a more conscious consumer and well informed inhabitant.

Debbie had a few simple and minor everyday tips, “Recycle, it’s not that tough. You can recycle almost anything now, just check. If you aren’t sure do your research, I always recycle our old electronics in the office. Never throw them away, keyboards, phones, broken monitors. We always recycle our printer toner, we go through so much and we shred all of our paper” Trips to the Chatham County Recycling Center with your items help keep our landfills clear of toxins. Not certain what you can recycle? Check this link

She also added, “Just go through your day and start eliminating the excess: I never use plastic bags for my lunch, I use a metal lunch tin. I use cloth towels at home instead of paper, switched all of my washing machines (dish and clothing) to the eco settings, it all adds up. I have eliminated harsh, toxic home cleaning products and replaced them with white vinegar and baking soda as my primary home cleansers. Even something as simple as replacing plastic toothbrushes and plastic straws with bamboo alternatives is an effective step. Visit for inspiration, I also love

Collyn, the true guru, offered a full overhaul of products and practices, “PLEASE, do your research. I had no idea what was in the products I was using every day until I decided to find healthier alternatives.” She recommended visiting the Environment Working Group at for a complete ingredient by ingredient breakdown of every product you could ever use.

“I didn’t realize how many carcinogens and other nasty things are in everything we use. Laundry detergent and shampoos are the worst, and when you really break it down, we’re washing our clothes and bodies with it every day which means we’re literally covering ourselves with toxins and then filtering it through the water as well.” Collyn suggested trying Molly’s Suds as an alternative detergent. She also said, “Don’t forget about your pets, the same toxins in our body washes and shampoos are in theirs as well.”

She also said, “And makeup! Aside from not using animal tested products, I check to see what’s actually in what I put on my face every day. I started using Everyday Minerals, it’s comparable to Bare Minerals: they only use natural ingredients like coconut oil and murumuru butter. After you make the switch you can immediately feel the difference.”

Both ladies also said they have as many houseplants as possible to filter the air, turn off lights when they leave the room, and try to live as minimally as they can. “It’s really not that big of a change, it’s just a mindset shift from constant disposable consumerism to thinking about what we’re leaving for our children and grandchildren,” said Debbie.