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Wall Art

Judge Realty prides itself on continued patronage of the arts, the Judge Realty Permanent Art Collection is a constantly growing testament to that. And while we love filling our walls with art from both local and global artists, we want to talk about what goes behind it. Most designers will tell you to avoid wallpaper at all costs, that used to be the rule: until these came along. Here are some of our favorite game changers. Take note and get the credit card ready.

Calico. There’s no way to appropriately pen the stunning concepts, processes, and finished products from Calico. Heavily based in tradition and the arts of Suminagashi and Ebru, originating from Japan and Turkey, Calico started as a movement to take art out of its traditional role in interior design and integrate it into the larger scheme. Through a mixture of large scale digital printing and handmade patterns, Calico delivers custom, non-repeating wall coverings that, in our opinion, should be at the top of every homeowner’s must have list. Judge Realty in Savannah GAJudge Realty in Savannah GAJudge Realty in Savannah GAJudge Realty in Savannah GAPhotos courtesy of Calico

And if the sticker shock hits a little too close to home, they’ve recently worked with Mast Brothers Chocolate to create the packaging for a capsule collection of rare salt and chocolate combinations. So, even if Calico isn’t right for you living room, it can be for your kitchen. Judge Realty in Savannah GAPhotos courtesy of Mast Brothers Chocolate 

Next on our list is De Gournay, with a flagship on Church Street in London, it tops the list of exquisite and luxury wallcoverings. Specializing in hand painted reproductions of historic prints, particularly 18th century Chinoiserie and 19th century French designs, De Gournay is paramount and a luxe addition to any home. De Gournay is a true estate company, stating “Our wallpapers, our fabrics and our dinner plates are works of art. In a hundred years time, they will be sold at auctions as valuable antiques.” Judge Realty in Savannah GAJudge Realty in Savannah GAJudge Realty in Savannah GAJudge Realty in Savannah GAPhotos courtesy of De Gournay

Lastly, the Marble Collection from Murals Wallpaper. Just because this is the most accessible brand in our list, it doesn’t by any means convey a sense of the ordinary. While Murals Wallpaper might sound like something from a Trading Spaces room reveal gone wrong, trust us, it’s all amazing and we love every element of the collection. The most appealing aspect though, is the ability to input your dimensions and get a mural specific to the space you have in mind.

Judge Realty in Savannah GAJudge Realty in Savannah GAJudge Realty in Savannah GAPhotos courtesy of Murals Wallpaper

Heath Daniel,
Creative Director


All Natural

At Judge Realty, we love nature: we’re eco-friendly, love the outdoors, and love using elements of nature in design. Sometimes, it can be a bit much though, we’ve all walked into a house before and been instantly overwhelmed with a saturation of houseplants, heavy woods, and even, dare we say, the musk of a life lived a little too naturally. We know houses, it’s what we do, we see a lot of them and have learned what works best and what to avoid. We’ve compiled a list of ideas we recommend for maximizing the natural aspects of your home, whether you’re planning a full renovation or just picking up a few trinkets.

Let the light in. The good thing about many of the historic homes in Savannah is the windows. When most of the houses downtown were built, taxes were placed on the number of doors, not windows- that’s why most of the windows go to the floor- they were treated as a door, but weren’t taxed as such. Capitalize on the natural light in your home and skip the curtains, let the light in and let it help design the space for you.Judge Realty in Savannah, Georgia Judge Realty in Savannah, Georgia Judge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaBring the outside in, without having to water and sun your interior decor. Ivy and moss are the bread and butter of Savannah- use them, let them speak for themselves, and let them add some color without having to repaint, reupholster, or change a thing.Judge Realty in Savannah, Georgia Judge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaBring the outside in, literally. There is nothing better than a decayed and dilapidated tree trunk, stump, or cut of wood. In Savannah, the houses are old and the trees are older- there are clean-up services all over town that give away trunks and stumps. Grab a few and turn them into a table, art piece, or extra seating.Judge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaJudge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaKeep it clean. Try keeping the palette neutral and add nature in unexpected ways: use wood on the ceiling, store logs for the fireplace in a new way and turn it into a design element, or opt for a leafy wallpaper instead of overcrowding a room with houseplants.Judge Realty in Savannah, GeorgiaJudge Realty in Savannah, Georgia Judge Realty in Savannah, Georgia

Heath Daniel,
Creative Director


Minimal Getaways

Our newest office-­wide obsession is finding or building the perfect weekend getaway: modest, low maintenance, and minimal. Within our new minimalist’s manifesto, a collection of email chains acting as a constantly growing pinterest board within the office, one thing is clear: it’s time to bring impeccably well designed minimal spaces to the area.

So far, in our constant search, we’ve all agreed on three favorites: The Nook Residence by MU Architecture, built in Mansonville, Quebec; Rabbit Snare Gorge by Design Base 8 & Omar Ghandi, built on the coast of rural Cape Breton, Nova Scotia; Vipp Shelter by Vipp.

The Nook ResidenceMinimal Getaways - Judge RealtyMinimal Getaways - Judge RealtyMinimal Getaways - Judge RealtyMinimal Getaways - Judge RealtyPhotos courtesy of MU Architects

Rabbit Snare GorgeMinimal Getaways - Judge RealtyMinimal Getaways - Judge RealtyMinimal Getaways - Judge RealtyPhotos courtesy of Design Base 8

Vipp ShelterMinimal Getaways - Judge Realty Minimal Getaways - Judge RealtyMinimal Getaways - Judge Realty

Photos courtesy of Vipp

Casey Howard

Casey Howard Judge CommercialCasey Howard Judge CommercialCasey Howard Judge CommercialCasey Howard Judge CommercialCasey Howard Judge CommercialCasey Howard Judge CommercialPhotography by Juwan Platt

I love being a commercial agent because… My job is so unbelievably rewarding. I get the privilege of doing what I love – helping owners realize the maximum potential in the assets through leasing/management and helping businesses find the perfect location to help their business grow. I’ve been involved in almost every aspect of real estate from the time I was 16 – working in residential, hotels, multi-family, commercial, development/construction, and management. Anyone that knows me well will tell you that I”m a bit addicted to what I do – it is completely thrilling for me – you never have the same day twice and if you’re not learning something new every day in this industry, you’re doing something wrong. I enjoy applying business analytics in all my dealings, as I’m a bit nerdy that way.. I want to see the numbers. 

Any real estate tips? I’d offer this advice with a smile: “Have a direction. Have a plan. Then go after the best fit.” In commercial real estate, our clients typically already have a pretty solid idea of their space/location requirements, budget, etc. But making the decision to relocate, grow your business or open a new business is a huge undertaking – that’s where we come in.  There’s so much overlap between leasing and management of a property. On a commercial management side, owners have to understand that attracting new tenants and holding on to existing ones is directly interlinked with property management. Income figures and monthly reports show more than rent accumulated and utility expenditures, it also shows new business generation and extrapolated numbers for the upcoming months. Having this knowledge has provided a value – adding service for our clients as they maneuver through. 

Favorite neighborhood in Savannah? I’m biased… I live in South Harbor on Skidaway Island and I love everything about it. I love being so close to the water and South Harbor is a smaller, family-oriented neighborhood where you’ll see tons of kids out exploring, families out boating, or hanging out by the pool… it’s like its own small little oasis tucked away on the outskirts of Savannah. 

I can’t live without… I can’t live without my family. I lead a crazy, but great life – with three children under 4 years old (yes, 2 of the three are twins in case you were wondering), life never has a dull moment. I have 3 1/2 year old twins, Eva and Preston, as well as a 1 1/2 year old little girl, Ella. They are all 3 type-A personalities and stubborn as they come, but they are the sweetest, funniest little kids I could have ever asked for. And they teach me far more than they will probably ever realize. And my husband, Robert Howard, is the Chief Information Officer at Armstrong University, and my best friend and rock – he pushes me to reach my fullest potential and is such an amazing person. At the end of a long day of work, it takes these smiles to wipe everything away and help me realize waht life is really about – they’re amazing. 

What makes me happy in Savannah… I’m an avid runner and love doing long runs down Green Island Road with my husband, Robert, and across the new Skidaway Island Bridge – running is somewhat therapeutic for me. One of my favorite events in Savannah every year is running in the Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon in Downtown Savannah. It’s incredible – the people that come out to cheer all of us on and the businesses and organizations that volunteer for the event that make it a really great time!

Favorite tools of the trade? Well, the obvious favorite here is my iPhone, but aside from that, it would by my MacBook Air… it goes with me everywhere. I’m a fairly big research nut, so I spend a lot of time gathering data for my clients, preparing reports, researching market trends, etc., in order to stay on top of the ever-changing climate we’re in. 

Savannah is an amazing city because… Some things about Savannah never change – it remains one of the nation’s prettiest cities, planned around a network of 21 squares, where tourists shop, children play, and lone saxophonists play their favorite jazz soundtracks for people passing by. But that doesn’t mean Savannah has nothing new to offer. In fact, most notable is the economic growth we continue to experience: between 2012 and 2013, tourism spending increased from $2 billion to $2.6 billion, in six years Gulfstream has gone from 3,500 employees to over 9,000, the Georgia Ports Authority continue to see gains year-over-year handling more cargo than ever before, and the region’s health care sector increased employment by 3.8 percent last year, adding some 4,500 workers since 2005. There’s just a ton of great things going  on here and the potential is huge for our city. 

Lori Judge Goes Electric

Lori Judge buys the first BMW i3 in Savannah, Georgia. Lori Judge buys the first BMW i3 in Savannah, Georgia. Lori Judge buys the first BMW i3 in Savannah, Georgia. Lori Judge buys the first BMW i3 in Savannah, Georgia. Lori Judge buys the first BMW i3 in Savannah, Georgia. Photography by Cedric Smith

Last week Lori Judge acquired the first BMW i3, the latest urban electric vehicle by the formidable luxury car brand. Only 700 in the U.S. have been distributed for the official test run in the U.S. market. Lori is not only the first owner in Savannah and the surrounding area but also has the privilege of being one of the few owners of the BMW luxury eco U.S. introduction.

How did you first hear about owning one of the BMW i3 in the states? 

After realizing that I needed a new car I went to Dale and Critz Auto and he told me I might have the chance to be the first person to own the newest BMW luxury series that ran almost 80 miles completely on its battery. As both a mother of a very active boy, and a broker who shows quite a few homes in a week, I couldn’t resist.

What is your favorite part about driving a vehicle that runs on 100% electricity for up to 80 miles?

Like I said, I’m the mother of a 7 year old boy and I own my own business. Needless to say I am running around constantly whether it’s to Albert’s play dates or going from property to property. It has the sleekest interior, my favorite part being the eucalyptus wood dashboard. It’s also the most efficient car I have ever had and it’s the funnest thing in the world to drive. 

With only 700 distributed throughout the U.S. how do you feel about being one of the first representatives for green living in the South?

Since the day I started my business I understood that setting the bar for eco-living was imperative, not only for the obvious reason of charging how we live to better suit the environment, but also because of its inevitability of becoming a sustainable and economic trend. I want to be a representative for how to live a life of luxury without condemning myself to the expense and unsustainable in the traditional meaning, i.e. obnoxiously large and gas guzzling. 

What, if any, are the difficulties of having an electric car in Savannah?

Well, I thought at first it was going to be the issue of the charging stations. I’m currently working on getting one installed at my house, but in the meantime I need places that are close and convenient for me. I didn’t realize that Forsyth Park now has multiple stations, as well as city garages, and one of my favorite places, Whole Foods all have stations. I thought it was going to be difficult to have the car without a way to charge it but I’m finding out that I am around a lot of chargers. I guess my only other desire for the car is it to get me to Atlanta and back on the battery but that may be just around the corner with the technology coming out for these cars. 

Why is it important to you to have an eco-friendly car?

Most people do not realize what a closeted hippie I am. I love all things that are natural to the body and the mind, in helping create a better environment for the earth. But I’ve also worked hard to represent the luxury world, so I like to incorporate luxury into my life as much as possible. This car, to me, represents everything I want to be and where I want to go. 

Tyler Mouchet

IMG_8613KcsQtrp47nyyFRDM6R-UdehgaQ-fMgyQ6Gg92CRwSU8 IMG_8631 IMG_8640 IMG_8644 IMG_8657 IMG_8673 IMG_8677Photography by Juwan Platt

I love being a realtor because…
I love being a realtor because it’s always changing. You can have deals fall through in the morning and have them back on track by mid-afternoon. You just never know what’s going to happen. I grew up watching my dad perfect the tools to be a great broker which is another reason why I love it so much. I get to go to work everyday and learn from the best.
Real estate tips?
Hmmm….. any real estate tips. Commercial real estate is a little different because most buyers who are coming into the market are already extremely knowledgeable about what they are looking for. If I were to suggest any tips to someone not familiar with commercial real estate it would be to surround yourself with a good team. In order for you to get a transaction done you are going to need a good engineer, architect, banker, attorney, etc., don’t lean solely on your agent for all of your needs.
Favorite neighborhood in Savannah?
I grew up in the Landings and lived there until I went to college, so obviously I think that’s the best neighborhood in Savannah. Now that I’m older, I appreciate downtown Savannah more. I moved into Ardsley Park in January and don’t see myself leaving the area for awhile.
I can’t live without…
I can’t live without my iPhone. I am obnoxiously on it all of the time. I would say that it’s hands down the worst invention of all time. On a serious note, I can’t live without friends and family. I am fortunate to have a lot of great friends and great family to support me no matter what.
What makes me happy about Savannah..
There are so many things to do in Savannah. I love going out on the weekends with friends, playing golf, kayaking, going to the beach, and most importantly karaoking with my band The Sean Tyler Connection. We are kind of a big deal. The most underrated thing about Savannah is Forsyth Park. There are not many cities that have a huge park in the middle of the city with great concerts and events.
Favorite tools of the trade?
The most important tool, in my opinion, as a commercial real estate agent is having the knowledge and depth of the developments happening in our market. Since our market is changing so much, having a foundation for what is happening and what is current is absolutely critical. My dad and I make it a priority to review the latest trends in the market weekly so we have a grasp on how it could affect our clients.
Savannah is an amazing city because….
I believe that the Savannah College of Art and Design is the reason why Savannah is such a great city. They have singlehandedly transformed downtown Savannah and are the reason why real estate is trending upward. Everything that SCAD has done has/will have an impact on the real estate market in Savannah.


Fitness in Forsyth Park

Men playing frisbee in Forsyth Park in Savannah, Georgia. Forsyth Park fountain. A man running laps around Forsyth Park in Savannah, Georgia. Push-ups in Forsyth Park.Exercising in Forsyth ParkSneakers sitting in Forsyth Park after a workout.Photography by Juwan Platt

Forsyth Park isn’t only for Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings. Many health-conscious residents use Forsyth Park to become fit. Running laps, playing soccer, or tossing a frisbee, people come out year round to take advantage of the most beautiful backdrop for a healthy workout. Just another perk of living downtown.

Interested in downtown living? Contact Judge Realty today!



Kim Iocovozzi

Judge Realty Sales AssociateJudge Realty Sales AssociateJudge Realty Sales AssociateJudge Realty Sales AssociateJudge Realty Sales AssociateJudge Realty Sales Associate Judge Realty Sales AssociateJudge Realty Sales AssociateJudge Realty Sales AssociateJudge Realty Sales AssociateJudge Realty Sales AssociatePhotography by Juwan Platt

I love being a realtor because..
Having been raised in Savannah, I have a built-in network of friends and contacts that are always buying and selling real estate. Don’t tell the competition, but this gives me an unfair advantage. Excluding, the Southside, there is not another agent that I know of who knows more about what is happening real estate wise here in downtown, mid-town, islands and the beach. 

Any real estate tips?
We are not in a “flip” environment yet but the market has definitely rebounded off the bottom so now could not be a better time to get in the game. If you are holding real estate as an investment, hold it… if you are looking to buy, pull the trigger. 

Favorite neighborhood in Savannah?
I have lived on Whitemarsh Island since moving out of my parent’s house at the Landings back in the mid 80’s. The Island life provides convenience to Savannah and the beach and there are great places to grocery shop, and eat out. We are members of the Savannah Yacht Club, Wilmington Island Club, and the YMCA and so my family’s passion for exercise, boating, tennis, and golf are all fulfilled within minutes of our front door. We currently live in the Bradley Point area and we could not imagine living anywhere else!

I can’t live without…
My wife, kids, and immediate family, my golf clubs and my job!

Being happy in Savannah.
I love walking with my wife in the vast ocean forest trail park on Whitemarsh Island that the Demere family donated some years back.. I love the guys that I have been playing golf with for the last 25 years… I love playing tennis with my 13 year old twin girls… There is nothing better than having a meaningful conversation with my 19 year old son who is a freshman in college and smart beyond his years. I love coming to work with my broker Lori Judge. She is so dynamic and I have gained so much from her wisdom and I am 20 years older than her! So many things in this great town make me so happy!

Favorite tools of the trade?
My 7 wood and my putter! Oh, you mean professionally? My smart phone!

Savannah is an amazing city because…
It has so much to offer. We have a beach that is minutes from downtown that is clearly one of the best stretches of sand on the east coast. We have untouched barrier islands that are minutes away by a small boat. We have an interesting history and my wife’s family, which goes back nine generations here, is such a cool part of it! Our economy is thriving, our port is bustling, and the tourism industry is second to none. Why would anyone want to live anywhere else? 

Seeing Savannah


Photography: Juwan Platt

Photography: Juwan Platt

Downtown living can involve adventures around every corner. Savannah offers nooks and crannies in the form of historic city squares, paths for bicycle rides, and delicious dining, all to be taken in on a Saturday afternoon.

Our trek through our charming city this past weekend consisted of cruising past 205 E. Charlton Street. Taking a quick break for a book in Lafayette Square, and stopping in for a fresh and local lunch at Fire Street Food.







Welcome to Marfa

Lori Judge vacationing in MarfaGlamping at El Cosmic with Lori JudgeGlamping with Lori Judge in MarfaGlamping with Lori Judge in Marga, Texas. Glamping with Lori Judge in Marfa, Texas. Staying in a teepee with Lori JudgeLori Judge at El CosmicoTeepee Hotel at El Cosmico with Lori Judge in Marfa, Texas. Lori Judge eating at the Food SharkLori Judge in line at Food Shark


Last week Lori Judge and Lou Thomann spent a week taking in the sights and delights of Marfa, Texas in search of art and relaxation. Marfa, Texas is a contemporary arts and cultural hub in the high desert of West Texas.

Where to Eat, Shop and Stay. 

Stay at El CosmicoLori and Lou’s first discovery of glamping at this well thought out trailer, tent, and teepee.
Breakfast – Squeeze Marfa
Lunch – Food Shark (worth the wait!)
Home Cooked Pasta – Maiya’s
Best bread, Wine List, Appetizers – Cochineal 
Books – The Marfa Book Co.
Apparel & More – Tienda M for Dosa
Custom Boots – Cobra Rock Boot Company
Locally Made Art & Jewelry – Wrong, 2D Exhibition, and Freda


Next week we’ll share ART in Marfa.