I won’t lie, 2016 brought us some dark days: be it the never ending list of celebrities and artists who were claimed by, what’s now being referred to as, “The Dumpster Fire,” or the loss of beloved locals who were taken before their time. There were sociopolitical upsets and victories at every turn, protests and campaigns, a hurricane, and even a Zoolander sequel. However, we’ve made it; we’re on the other side, standing at the great precipice choosing to look forward with an ever hopeful eye on the new year. And amidst all of the chaos we leave behind, there is good news, a silver lining for which we’ve got the playbook.

First: Assess. We’re extremely grateful at Judge Realty that we’ve weathered the storm in more ways than one. After an almost full recovery from Hurricane Matthew, we suggest taking a walk through our gorgeous tree-lined streets to re-fuel the fires of local love. Grab a beverage and take stock of what makes you happy, what you’re thankful to be bringing into the new year.Cleanse | Judge Realty | Savannah, GAPhoto: Jon Waits

Cleanse | Judge Realty | Savannah, GA

Photo: Wayne MoorsCleanse | Judge Realty | Savannah, GA

Photo: Dylan Wilson

Second: Sage. It’s alright to gleefully bound into 2017 with abandon; however, don’t forget to cleanse the energy and allow yourself to take time to fully regather and refocus before proceeding to the exit. “I sage the office about once a month, but definitely at major turning points like a new year. It’s nice to kind of refresh the space and get a new vibe going, it definitely changes the energy,” said Judge founder and CEO, Lori Judge. “Swing by Paris Market and grab a fresh bundle, walk through your home and office, let your environment heal too.”Cleanse | Judge Realty | Savannah, GAPhoto: Juwan Platt

Third: Get it right. Rarely does a single person, let alone a company or society as a whole get a chance to hit refresh- but this is it- our annual get out of jail free card. Remind yourself why you started, why you’re here, and where you want to go. Whether you’re saving for a first home, gearing up to start a business, or looking for a spot to retire- refocus a system that needs help or realize you’re right on track. Take the stairs, park far away, have one less drink, have one more drink. Now is the chance to restart and do it right.

We had some great moments this last year, we spent most of it surrounded by the people we choose to call family, we saw great strides in Savannah’s growth and success, and we saw how strong our community can be when faced with tough obstacles. We felt the community come together to support public art with our third annual public art project, Intersection by Will Penny; we hosted an amazing open house/ fashion show with designer Troy Allen; and we saw sales rise across the board thanks to our top producers Kim Iocovozzi, Michael Hardy, and everyone hard at work on the Judge team. Just because there were a few fires, don’t look back at 2016 as a dumpster. Move forward knowing that you can make it through some rough spots and take a breath, it’s a new year.

Heath Daniel
Creative Director


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